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Capturing unbiased authentic feedback from your players can be challenging. Without it, adjusting the meta, offering better in-game purchases, and adding features can be difficult to prioritize and perfect.

GamerSpeak understands how gamers think, what they want, and how to speak to them in an authentic way that creates trust. With these insights, your team will more make informed decisions that are properly aligned with the expectations of your players.

GamerSpeak Services Work Seamlessly Together

GamerSpeak’s professional and engaging strategy guides, written by the best players, share vital information other players need to succeed. Readers feel empowered and determined, and want to engage with other super users in our Discord for your game.

Our team of top players gather peer-to-peer authentic sentiment from Discord and deliver it to the developers along with their recommendations on how to develop new monetizable gameplay. When the recommendations are implemented, we document the community’s positive response and create new guides to inform the players of the best new strategies.

Engaging Content

Strategy guides and videos give players the confidence to engage more in your game

Recommendations & Implementations

Actionable recommendations that align with your business goals and what your players want

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are where your super users connect and strategize

Authentic Sentiment

Authentic sentiment is gathered, filtered, and curated from your most engaged players


Strategy guides and videos give people the confidence to engage more in the game

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are where your super users connect and strategize

Authentic Sentiment

Authentic sentiment is gathered, filtered, and curated from your most engaged players

Recommendations & Implementations

Actionable recommendations that align with your business goals and what your players want

Recommendations Implemented

Our clients implemented 250+ of our recommendations in their games in the first two quarters of 2020 alone.

Unlock The Power Of Your Players

Engaging Strategy Guides & Community Hub

Discord Community Creation and Management

Detailed Authentic Feedback

Urgent Bug Reporting

Key data points from

500 super users in our communities:


of players don't think the publisher listens to community suggestions and sentiment


of players say that communities keep them engaged with the game


of Players find GamerSpeak’s content useful

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Relive the adventure of one of the hottest anime series on air! Impressive graphics and gameplay shot Grand Cross to #1 in Japan and Korea on Google Play in 2019, and it is quickly climbing the US Google Play rankings!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross


Netmarble F&C

"We attribute around 15-20% of our revenue to GamerSpeak’s customer feedback loop and community insights.

In addition to contributing to our revenue, GamerSpeak reliably delivers results, which is really important for us. Many services deliver strong performance during the first one or two months, but their quality always drops off. Games like ours are very long term with a 1-3+ year life cycle and change a lot. We need stable and high-quality results that stick because that stabilizes our revenue and ARPDAU. GamerSpeak’s insights are a significant reason we see those stable revenue and ARPDAU numbers and that is why we keep working with them.

GamerSpeak also really knows our players. We have different kinds of players - top players, middle players, and entry-level players and it’s hard to get authentic insights from all of them. The GamerSpeak reports and comments cover all of those players, especially the middle and top players. We can reliably gather information and user sentiment from GamerSpeak for our weekly, monthly, and yearly plans."

Jihyun Seo

Head of Global Business Strategy, Netmarble F&C

"GamerSpeak’s ability to understand the needs of our players and provide actionable insight has allowed me and my team to be proactive in addressing the needs of the community. This has been extremely important in preserving the positive perception the players have of NM Fun."

Jaeho Kang

Co-CEO, Netmarble F&C

"Netmarble has been working with GamerSpeak for a couple of years and they’ve created online communities for some of our top-grossing games. GamerSpeak’s ability to energize our players with peer-to-peer engagement and provide them with a “one-stop shop” for the latest news, player guides, and content has been paramount in maintaining positive sentiment and growth in our community."
Kenneth Washington

Community Manager, Netmarble F&C

"The reason we work with GamerSpeak is in its name already. Any developer, especially mobile game developers, should be interested to hear what users have to say about their game, what they feel about it, all kinds of users, all power levels, different backgrounds, spending levels. The voices of all these diverse players is important to know for any game developer.

GamerSpeak’s insights into our users contributes about 30% of our revenue and retention.

We are a Korean company, and we can guess what our North American users feel, but it’s better to hear it first hand. GamerSpeak’s community insights are very different from the insights we gather. The perspective they deliver with their sentiment reporting allows us to know what our players are really thinking and that is very important to us.

There is a huge difference between internal and external sentiment reports. When we look at sentiment we look at it through the eyes of users and developers and it’s always different in some way from the POV of a developer and user. It is important for us as developers to look at the game through the eyes of users - someone else who is not us. GamerSpeak’s reporting gives us that authentic user perspective, so we have a complete picture.

One of the biggest benefits of working with GamerSpeak is the community hub website and chat room they create and maintain for our game. The guides on the website help the players a lot and the sentiment reports GamerSpeak sends us from the chat room improve our game.

Our game design team uses GamerSpeak’s sentiment reports for certain events, game mechanics, and the interface. It saves us a lot of time on testing. For example, if we are considering some change, GamerSpeak will tell us how the community will react to that - and we might end up saying “Oh, well then we probably won’t do that” and we will save a lot of time that could have been spent on an idea. GamerSpeak bug reports also save us time because they send them very quickly and have the exact information we need, including screenshots a lot of times, that make it so we don’t have to do all the testing and searching ourselves to fix the bug.

Finally, because GamerSpeak’s work helps meet our business goals, it directly affects my personal job satisfaction and personal happiness."

Yongjun Hong

Producer, Netmarble F&C

"I feel that sentiment reports, especially early on, were invaluable. They provide an in-depth look at our content, mechanics, and events from the player perspective which you got from conversations with players and first-hand gameplay.

Also, the Line community is a fantastic place for players to get their questions answered. This resolves frustrations caused by lack of progress, poor performance in battles/events, and helps people progress with confidence (e.g. "I want to try this build but is it a good idea)"

As for your strategy guides, I personally think they do two things very well

  1. Present otherwise scattered info in one place (e.g. hero guide, obelisks)
  2. Provide in-depth guides on game mechanics (leverage, preemptive, etc.)."

Iron Throne Project Manager, Netmarble F&C

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