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Unlock actionable and authentic insights that drive revenue with GamerSpeak services today.

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  • Increase player engagement
  • Maximize player LTV
  • Prevent negative sentiment
  • Reduce support costs.
Engaging with your gaming community can be challenging. GamerSpeak understands how gamers think, what they want, and how to speak to them in an authentic way that creates trust.

We do this by building gamer-focused communities and platforms that deliver professional content written by influential players, and facilitate direct interaction with your game’s community. Your gamers will feel heard and have the resources they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Unlock The Power Of The Player

Actionable & Authentic Feedback

Our team of trusted and vetted P2P mobile gaming influencers actively provides authentic and unfiltered feedback from your gamers and their own expert experiences. You can trust that what they report will make a positive impact on your revenue and game development.

Improve Responsiveness to Sentiment & Bugs

Don’t wait for unhappy tweets and emails from your users. GamerSpeak’s exclusive sentiment report & bug collection service gives you immediate insight to get ahead of urgent problems before they become the reason why you lose whales and players quit.

Engaging Content & Communities

GamerSpeak creates custom websites featuring professional guides, in-depth strategies, and tips for your game. When players are stuck and search for answers we make sure they find them and keep playing.

Gamefluencers On Your Squad

GamerSpeak game influencers master your game and actively participate in in-game conversations, Line and Discord channels, and promote a positive culture in the community. Imagine what a team of passionate and influential gamers on your side could do for you.

Unlock the power of your players today with GamerSpeak™ services.

Authentic Gamer Insights

Gamers are passionate. Unlock the power behind that passion with GamerSpeak. Let us show you how to turn feedback like this into action that drives revenue and retains players:


of players don’t think the publisher listens to community suggestions and sentiment


of players say that communities keep them engaged with the game


of players have a negative view of the publisher


of Players find GamerSpeak’s content useful


of players want to give direct feedback to the publishers and developers


of players would not play another game from the same publisher

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