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GamerSpeak™ unlocks unbiased and authentic insights that fuel revenue.

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  • Increase player engagement
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  • Prevent negative sentiment
  • Reduce support costs

Capturing unbiased, authentic feedback from your players can be challenging. Without it, adjusting the meta, offering better in-game purchases, and adding features can be difficult to prioritize and perfect.

GamerSpeak understands how gamers think, what they want, and how to speak to them in an authentic way that creates trust. This relationship produces crucial ideas that increase your game’s performance.

Unlock The Power Of The Player

Unbiased Authentic Feedback

GamerSpeak gathers authentic, unfiltered feedback from your gamers. We then summarize and deliver that feedback to you with actionable recommendations.

Discover Bugs Quickly

GamerSpeak reports verified bugs within minutes of them occurring. Our reports include reproducible steps for your dev team to follow.

Engaging Strategy Guides

GamerSpeak creates a custom website for your game featuring professional strategy guides, player interviews, and a database of important game content. When players are stuck searching for answers, regularly updated content, and our SEO optimized websites appear in top search results.

Top Players Run Your Community

GamerSpeak recruits responsible top-tier players to actively fuel your community with conversation and content. Promoting a positive culture and authentic feedback.

Unlock the power of your players today with GamerSpeak™ services.

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of players don’t think the publisher listens to community suggestions and sentiment


of players say that communities keep them engaged with the game


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