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In the last 6 months, we’ve seen more demand for community services in gaming than we’ve ever seen. The need for blockchain games to have community support is far greater than Web2 games. Players make their first game purchases and are onboarded to the game’s community 1-5 years before the game’s launch. Maintaining their engagement is critical to maintaining your game’s momentum and the value of its assets.




Engagement and Moderation
(only billed when active)



How to Play and How to Earn Guides



Reporting and Recommendations
(depending on scope)

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Games in our Portfolio


In the last 7 years, we’ve written 1,000+ gaming guides.

Worked with 7 games that have earned $1B+ in revenue.

Live Portfolio Links

Fandom for the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

760+ pages

Managed Discord Server for Overprime

20K members

Guides for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

1,000+ pages

“How to Earn” guides for blockchain games

Updates every 2 weeks

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