Case Studies

Increased Monthly Revenue +30% ($300k) & Retention +30% for Iron Throne: The Firstborn in 6 Months

The reason we work with GamerSpeak is in its name already. Any developer, especially mobile game developers, should be interested to hear what users have to say about their game, what they feel about it, all kinds of users, all power levels, different backgrounds, spending levels. The voices of all these diverse players is important to know for any game developer.

GamerSpeak’s insights into our users contributes about 30% ($300k/mo) of our revenue  and retention.

We are a Korean company, and we can guess what our North American users feel, but it’s better to hear it first hand. GamerSpeak’s community insights are very different from the insights we gather. The perspective they deliver with their sentiment reporting allows us to know what our players are really thinking and that is very important to us.

There is a huge difference between internal and external sentiment reports. When we look at sentiment we look at it through the eyes of users and developers and it’s always different in some way from the POV of a developer and user. It is important for us as developers to look at the game through the eyes of users - someone else who is not us. GamerSpeak’s reporting gives us that authentic user perspective, so we have a complete picture.

One of the biggest benefits of working with GamerSpeak is the community hub website and chat room they create and maintain for our game. The guides on the website help the players a lot and the sentiment reports GamerSpeak sends us from the chat room improve our game.

Our game design team uses GamerSpeak’s sentiment reports for certain events, game mechanics, and the interface. It saves us a lot of time on testing. For example, if we are considering some change, GamerSpeak will tell us how the community will react to that - and we might end up saying “Oh, well then we probably won’t do that” and we will save a lot of time that could have been spent on an idea. GamerSpeak bug reports also save us time because they send them very quickly and have the exact information we need, including screenshots a lot of times, that make it so we don’t have to do all the testing and searching ourselves to fix the bug.

Finally, because GamerSpeak’s work helps meet our business goals, it directly affects my personal job satisfaction and personal happiness.

Youngjun Hong

Producer, Netmarble F&C

  • Limited knowledge of what top players are interested in.
  • Conflicting internal opinions from different departments.
  • Unreliable quality and short-term results from third-party service providers
  • Players are unsure how much of the game works, and are not confident with their purchases. No existing strategy guides.
  • Players insights that led to better game design and accounts for 15-30% ($150k-$300k+/mo) of Revenue  and 30% Retention
  • 2.5+ year life-cycle support with consistently high-quality results
  • 50+ strategy guides that cover all verticals of the game and are updated monthly
  • An average of 8 GamerSpeak actionable recommendations are implemented each month for an estimated savings of $12,920/month, $155,050/year in engineering and developer costs.
Time Frame
4-6 Months
Site: Iron Throne Elite
Game: Iron Throne: The Firstborn
Client: Netmarble F&C

We attribute around 15-20% ($150k-$200k/mo) of our revenue to GamerSpeak’s customer feedback loop and community insights. 

In addition to contributing to our revenue, GamerSpeak reliably delivers results, which is really important for us. Many services deliver strong performance during the first one or two months, but their quality always drops off. Games like ours are very long term with a 1-3+ year life cycle and change a lot. We need stable and high-quality results that stick because that stabilizes our revenue and ARPDAU. GamerSpeak’s insights are a significant reason we see those stable revenue and ARPDAU numbers and that is why we keep working with them.

GamerSpeak also really knows our players. We have different kinds of players - top players, middle players, and entry-level players and it’s hard to get authentic insights from all of them. The GamerSpeak reports and comments cover all of those players, especially the middle and top players. We can reliably gather information and user sentiment from GamerSpeak for our weekly, monthly, and yearly plans.

Jihyun Seo

Head of Global Business Strategy, Netmarble F&C


Iron Throne: The Firstborn is a 4x mobile game that has maintained steady retention and revenue in a very competitive hardcore genre. The game launched globally on June 7th, 2018.

As of August 2020, the game maintains 60,000 DAU and daily revenue of $33,000, with 15-30% of that revenue and ARPDAU attributed to GamerSpeak’s services.

Netmarble F&C (formerly “4PLAT Inc.”) came to GamerSpeak two months before they were going to launch their first 4x title, Iron Throne: The Firstborn. They were coming in late to an extremely competitive market of 4x games from the likes of MZ, Funplus, Tap4Fun, and Elex.

To make sure they could get an edge on all those other games, they hired GamerSpeak one and half years before global launch to write up extensive breakdowns for all other top 4x games in the market. We highlighted the latest and greatest features from each game that monetized successfully, as well as the core elements that made the most successful 4x games fun.

Then, when the game was in soft launch, GamerSpeak recruited 15 influential VIP players from various 4x games who were interested in playing the first 3-dimensional 4x game to come on the market. The playtest lasted two weeks, with an average playtime of 40 hours per player, and included an extensive survey that covered every vertical and monetization feature in the game. Based on the recommendations of those VIPs, NM F&C implemented over 15 major changes into Iron Throne. One of the most successful implementations was the recommendation to incorporate layers of VIP customer support that were very clear to the player how they could earn it. This differentiation retained many VIP players who came from other games that were unclear about how to get high-quality customer support or didn’t offer it altogether.

Finally, as a late entrant into the genre, Netmarble F&C knew they needed a solid community to stand out amongst their peers. Their only competition that had up-to-date strategy guides and a very active third-party community was MZ. As such, they partnered with GamerSpeak to provide all of the same services.

Iron Throne developers were able to carve out a strong niche within the genre by being incredibly talented, creative, and fearless with their game design.

 Services Requested

  1. A GamerSpeak community hub website
  2. Engaging strategy guides
  3. Line App superuser community
  4. Detailed authentic sentiment reports
  5. Urgent bug and urgent sentiment reporting


  • Deliver accurate and filtered general sentiment from the community to all departments at Netmarble F&C
  • Deliver actionable recommendations and specific improvements to existing gameplay
  • Assist the Netmarble F&C team to proactively avoid negative sentiment by vetting new features before launch
  • Strategy guides covering general info on ALL the components of the game: all heroes, troops, gameplay styles, buildings, PVP, PvE, equipment, etc
  • Teach players the value and effect of new content, to increase the pace of adoption and thus monetization


Currently, the Iron Throne Producer attributes 15- 30% of their revenue and 30% of their retention to GamerSpeak services.

At the beginning of the project, GamerSpeak GamerSpeak launched a custom community website with 16 beginner to intermediate level strategy guides for Iron Throne: The Firstborn in four weeks. Within one month, the website was generating 500 page views/day, and after 2 years the site has had over 150,000 page views.

Additionally, GamerSpeak built up a massive Line room with 500 Superuser players looking to improve their game by using the latest strategies and new features. Many of those 500 are VIP players spending over $1,000/mo. At the time of this case study, GamerSpeak manages two Line rooms with 750 daily active users.

From the authentic conversation in those rooms, GamerSpeak’s team of Gamefluencers (top players in the game who help us run the community) take detailed notes of player sentiment. They often promote deep conversations on certain topics to provide maximum fidelity to the developer and to uncover actionable recommendations the developers can use to make future improvements.

At the time of this case study (April 2021), an average of 8 GamerSpeak actionable recommendations are implemented each month for an estimated savings of $12,920/month, $155,050/year in engineering and developer costs.


Detailed authentic sentiment reporting and high-quality recommendations from GamerSpeak meaningfully increased revenue and retention by 30%, and stabilized LTV and engagement for “Iron Throne: The Firstborn”. This was possible because of the insights from our deep understanding of Iron Throne’s player’s at all levels, and our services to create strategy guides, a community hub, and a feedback loop.

GamerSpeak can increase revenue and retention up to 30% in 6 months or less for your game. Book a consultation to get started.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross - 225 Pages of Strategy Guides in 45 Days

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a mobile game based on the hugely successful anime series. The game launched on February 27th, 2020 globally after having hit #1 in Japan and Korea in 2019.

The global launch was also tremendously successful, reaching a peak of 3.5MM DAU and daily revenue of ~$750k.


Even with what most companies would consider a vibrant community, Netmarble F&C had thousands of players asking for high-quality strategy guides for the “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross” (7DSGC). It was hard for players to find the exact information they were looking for by watching YouTube videos from influencers. In addition, the database websites only provided stats and not strategies.

GamerSpeak had been in talks with Netmarble F&C about building a community for their game before the English version had launched , but with such a strong title, Netmarble F&C wanted to wait and see what sort of community would arise naturally from the player base. In the first few months, multiple large YouTube channels (5,000+ subs) and two database sites were created for the game. There was also a strong presence on Reddit with over 30,000 subscribers. Yet no one in the community was writing strategy guides. It was a daunting task considering the scale of the game.


GamerSpeak created long-form, in-depth, and high-quality strategy guides for Netmarble F&C using the Fandom wiki platform.

The key objectives for the content in priority order were:

1. Content covering general info on ALL the components of the game:
      a. All Heroes, Map Levels, Team Suggestions, Buildings, PVP, PVE, Equipment, Etc.
2. Content to assist the progression of their core engaged audience who had been playing for 30-60 days
3. Content to help players get the most out of new features and events launched every week
4.Content that would shed light on hard to discover portions of the game


Since the game had already launched, GamerSpeak had to quickly publish content as fast as possible. Netmarble F&C was incredibly responsive, providing us with assets and game stats that we needed in a timely manner. Within 45 days we had 225 unique pages of strategy guide content published on the wiki!

Impressed with the quality and speed, Netmarble F&C requested all the content to be localized into German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. They used their localization partner, and GamerSpeak created the interlanguage language wikis and published the localized guides.

The Wiki launched on May 26th, 2020 to very positive feedback from the community. Two months later on July 31st, 2020 Netmarble F&C was ready to share the Fandom directly to their Forum with 220,000 global users. At this point, we published 75 localized guides (~20 in each language) that allowed the content to be available to a large portion of the user base.

The post was very well received by 3,400 viewers in the first 5 days, with 33 positive reactions and only 2 negative reactions.

Lifetime Page Views

Peak Daily Pageviews

Lifetime & Daily Statistics as of March 2021

GamerSpeak's rapid development of strategy guides filled the strong demand from the community. Because GamerSpeak was able to quickly write and publish the strategy guides on the Fandom Wiki for 7DS:GC, the community had a place to go to answer crucial questions that were answered from a player-first view and continued playing the game.

GamerSpeak’s in-depth strategy guides and powerful feedback loop can increase revenue and retention up to 30% in 6 months or less for your game. Click here to book your consultation call to get started.

  • Rapid adoption of the game, but no strategy guides created by players even three months after launch
  • Huge number of requests by players globally for in-depth strategy guides
  • 225 unique pages of content published in 45 days
  • Content published in five different languages
  • Over 1M Page Views in 9 months
Time Frame

45 Days

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Netmarble F&C

Elevated Official Discord Server Moderation Efforts for OverPrime, NetMarble F&C Inc.’s new Action MOBA and Grew the Server to 3,500 Users in Two Weeks

NetMarble F&C Inc. created a new, official Discord server for their new game OverPrime, which is currently in closed beta. OverPrime has a passionate, dedicated player base; however, they were having difficulty finding trusted, reliable moderators who were experienced in conflict mediation and community moderation.

NetMarble approached GamerSpeak for help with moderating the new Discord to create a healthy, welcoming environment for all players as they prepare for launch. GamerSpeak entrusted their experienced Gamefluencers to help set new expectations for server behavior and reinforce server rules. GamerSpeak also implemented a new moderation bot to assist with moderation efforts and solve the technical issues that occurred with the original bot. Currently, the official OverPrime Discord has grown to over 3,500 members in one month and has continued to actively increase membership daily.


Overprime Discord Server Stats as of April 2021:



  • Internal conflicts regarding moderation practices and banning players.
  • New, official Discord server needed trusted, experienced moderators who could foster a comfortable, inclusive community.
  • A few experienced, but rebellious players trolled the community, which created tension and unrest in chat.  
  • Increase in player frustration due to issues with custom moderation bot incorrectly moderating “bad” language which caused unwarranted banning and trolling the bot.
  • Immediately set a visible standard of moderation in the new Discord server and established an expectation of proper rule enforcement. 
  • Moderators checked in on the server regularly in shifts that covered the server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Recommended to clearly split the user moderator and content moderator roles to reduce role confusion. 
  • Implemented YAGPDB Moderation bot properly into the server to assist moderation efforts. This bot correctly striked banned words and managed server roles. 
  • Submitted bi-weekly reports about the health of the Discord server and other moderator activities.
Time Frame

Two Weeks


NetMarble F&C Inc.

30.6 Million Pageviews in the First Year, #1 Resource Online for Summoners War: Sky Arena

The Discord channel created and managed by GameSpeak has 2,056 members with 230+ active at any given time. We are the lead moderators for the r/summonerswar Reddit, we post new guides to over 70K subscribers. Our email list has 4,600 players who want a weekly content drip to their inbox. 

Community Hub Traffic As of June 2020



Unique Users


GamerSpeak’s in-depth strategy guides quickly made the #1 community hub and go-to source for game info on the web. It has been ranked #1 on Google since the first year of the game’s launch and attracts an immense amount of organic traffic every month.

GamerSpeak can increase revenue and retention up to 30% in 6 months or less for your game. Book your free video consultation call on the calendar below to get started.

  • No existing strategy guides.
  • Very complex game with a deep meta and a steep learning curve.
  • Launched a GamerSpeak community hub.
  • Hundreds of in-depth superuser strategy guides for every vertical and monster in the game.
  • Launched in 2014. 125M Page Views, 48M Sessions since launch.
  • Most popular resource for game information on the internet.
  • Contributed to the game being an evergreen title with seven highly profitable years so far.
Time Frame

Community Hub launched in 1 month
30.6 million pageviews in the first year

Summoners War: Sky Arena

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