Elevated Official Discord Server Moderation Efforts for OverPrime, NetMarble F&C Inc.’s new Action MOBA and Grew the Server to 3,500 Users in Two Weeks

NetMarble F&C Inc. created a new, official Discord server for their new game OverPrime, which is currently in closed beta. OverPrime has a passionate, dedicated player base; however, they were having difficulty finding trusted, reliable moderators who were experienced in conflict mediation and community moderation.

NetMarble approached GamerSpeak for help with moderating the new Discord to create a healthy, welcoming environment for all players as they prepare for launch. GamerSpeak entrusted their experienced Gamefluencers to help set new expectations for server behavior and reinforce server rules. GamerSpeak also implemented a new moderation bot to assist with moderation efforts and solve the technical issues that occurred with the original bot. Currently, the official OverPrime Discord has grown to over 3,500 members in one month and has continued to actively increase membership daily.


Overprime Discord Server Stats as of April 2021:



  • Internal conflicts regarding moderation practices and banning players.
  • New, official Discord server needed trusted, experienced moderators who could foster a comfortable, inclusive community.
  • A few experienced, but rebellious players trolled the community, which created tension and unrest in chat.  
  • Increase in player frustration due to issues with custom moderation bot incorrectly moderating “bad” language which caused unwarranted banning and trolling the bot.
  • Immediately set a visible standard of moderation in the new Discord server and established an expectation of proper rule enforcement. 
  • Moderators checked in on the server regularly in shifts that covered the server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Recommended to clearly split the user moderator and content moderator roles to reduce role confusion. 
  • Implemented YAGPDB Moderation bot properly into the server to assist moderation efforts. This bot correctly striked banned words and managed server roles. 
  • Submitted bi-weekly reports about the health of the Discord server and other moderator activities.
Time Frame

Two Weeks


NetMarble F&C Inc.

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