Rise of Firstborn


Rise of Firstborn (Formerly Iron Throne) is a 4x mobile game that has maintained steady retention and revenue in a very competitive hardcore genre. The game launched globally on June 7th, 2018.

Netmarble F&C (formerly “4PLAT Inc.”) came to GamerSpeak two months before they were going to launch their first 4x title, Iron Throne: The Firstborn. They were coming in late to a highly competitive market of 4x games from the likes of MZ, FunPlus, Tap4Fun, and Elex.

To ensure they could get an edge on all those other games, they hired GamerSpeak one and half years before the global launch to write up extensive breakdowns for all other top 4x games in the market. GamerSpeak highlighted the latest and greatest features from each game that monetized successfully, as well as the core elements that made the most successful 4x games fun. Later on, GamerSpeak created detailed, quality strategy guides for Rise of Firstborn as well.

Client: Netmarble F&C Inc.

Services Requested:

  • Detailed, timely sentiment reports with actionable recommendations
  • Engaging strategy guides covering all components of the game
  • A professional community hub website
  • LINE App community creation and management
  • Urgent bug and urgent sentiment reporting


  • Increased Monthly Revenue by 30% ($300k/mo) and Retention by 30%.
  • An incredible community hub with 50+ strategy guides that cover all verticals of the game and are updated monthly.
  • Within one month, the website was generating 500 page views/day, and after 2 years the site has had over 150,000 page views.
  • Line room with 500 Superuser players looking to improve their game by using the latest strategies and new features.

GamerSpeak continued to work closely with the Rise of Firstborn team, providing helpful, actionable recommendations and quality gameplay articles until Kixeye acquired the game in July 2022.

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