GamerSpeak Guild


GamerSpeak created GamerSpeak Guild in January 2022 to utilize our experience of building positive communities, recruiting top players, and mastering game strategy to help gamers from around the world build financial independence and knowledge. Blockchain games require huge upfront investments to unlock the best opportunities. We wanted to provide these opportunities to people around the world.


  • GamerSpeak Guild was a Top 20 guild in the world. We were able to provide opportunities for over 300 scholars to play competitively and earn an income within Axie Infinity. We had multiple scholars within the Top 100 leaderboards during four consecutive seasons of Axie Infinity/ Origin, and even a scholar who placed #1 during the Season 20 offseason.
  • Unfortunately, due to the current state of the crypto market and the blockchain gaming industry, GamerSpeak Guild closed down operations indefinitely in October 2022.

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