Lineage 2 Revolution


Netmarble requested GamerSpeak to create and maintain a website and provide community services for their MMORPG, Lineage 2: Revolution. The goal of the website was to provide prompt, detailed game guides to help players progress in the game, learn their characters, and improve their engagement within the game. GamerSpeak provided authentic, actional player feedback and recommendations for the developers to keep in touch with the player base and improve the game.

Client: Netmarble

Services Requested:

  • Long-form, in-depth game guides for new and updated content releases
  • Weekly sentiment report with player feedback and actionable recommendations
  • VIP and Influencer relationship management
  • Monthly community event management and engagement
  • Content Marketing across various social platforms and communities
  • Web tool redesigns and updates for player use
  • Immediate urgent bug and urgent sentiment report escalation
  • Consulting meetings for strategy and game discussions


  • Lifetime increase in engagement of 25% or 195k hours
  • Reached 1.3M page views and 236k new users within 6 months

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