Machine Zone


Machine Zone partnered with GamerSpeak for four of their game titles: Game of War, Mobile Strike, World War Rising, and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. This partnership ties closely with the creation of GamerSpeak in 2015, when Chad Kihm, GamerSpeak CEO, started creating strategy guides for Game of War. Chad went on to establish an official working relationship with MZ, which has since continued through 2022.

Services Requested:

  • Strategy game website creation and maintenance
  • In-depth, engaging strategy guides written by experienced, knowledgeable Gamefluencers
  • Detailed sentiment reports with actionable recommendations and authentic player feedback
  • LINE App community creation and management
  • Immediate urgent bug and urgent sentiment report escalation
  • Consulting meetings for strategy and design discussions
  • Discord community management in tandem with MZ Community Managers
  • Quality Assurance testing and release feedback for FFXV:ANE


  • Over 2000 recommendations were implemented across the various games from sentiment reports, urgent reporting, release feedback, and community management.
  • Website page views:
    • Game of War (2014 to 2022)
      • Over 17 Million Page Views
      • Over 3 Million New Users
    • Final Fantasy X: A New Empire (2017 to 2022)
      • Over 6.9 Million Page Views
      • 848k New Users
    • World War Rising (2018 to 2022)
      • Over 1 Million Page Views
      • 105K New Users
    • Mobile Strike (2019 to 2022)
      • 181K Page views
      • 44K New Users

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