Paragon: The Overprime


Netmarble F&C Inc. created a new, official Discord server for their new game Overprime, an Action TPS MOBA, which is currently in development. Overprime has a passionate, dedicated player base; however, they were having difficulty finding trusted, reliable moderators who were experienced in conflict mediation and community moderation.

Netmarble approached GamerSpeak for help with moderating the new Discord to create a healthy, welcoming environment for all players as they prepare for launch.

GamerSpeak entrusted their experienced Gamefluencers to help set new expectations for server behavior and reinforce server rules. GamerSpeak also implemented a new moderation bot to assist with moderation efforts and solve the technical issues that occurred with the original bot. Since then, the official Discord, which had been renamed to Paragon: The Overprime, has grown to over 20,000 members and has continued to actively increase membership daily.

Client: Netmarble F&C, Inc.

Services Requested:

  • 24-hour Discord Moderation coverage
  • Bi-Weekly Reporting regarding server health and violation documentation
  • Discord Moderation bot setup



  • Immediately set a visible standard of moderation in the new Discord server and established an expectation of proper rule enforcement.
  • Implemented YAGPDB Moderation bot properly into the server to assist moderation efforts.
  • Submitted bi-weekly reports about the health of the Discord server and other moderator activities.
  • The Discord server currently holds over 20,000 members and has maintained a healthy community environment.

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