Should I hire an internal Community Manager or GamerSpeak?

This is our most commonly asked question. We recommend hiring a Community Manager for representing your official brand on social media. However, if you are looking for actionable player feedback that will improve your KPIs, it will be at least 83% less expensive to use GamerSpeak.

The old way of capturing feedback is using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a Forum as a “Community” where you post game announcements and hope that players will leave comments with good feedback. This ends up being a huge waste of energy and money because your follower engagement on these platforms turn out super low, and your ROI for these activities end up extremely murky.

GamerSpeak builds a Superuser-led community ecosystem that works together to directly and clearly impact business goals. Superuser communities are proven to be more effective than official communities in all areas that impact business goals.

  1. Superuser strategy guides are more educational and engaging than in-game help menus or “fluff guides” published on the developer's official website.
  2. Superuser chat rooms are not full of biased and negative comments that plague official channels.
  3. Authentic sentiment can only be collected by Superusers in unofficial communities. Sentiment from official communities is just players asking for free stuff or thinking the game is broken when it isn't.
  4. Actionable feedback from trained Superusers includes win-win situations for the enjoyment of the players and the business goals of the developer.

What you really want is to build a community that generates actionable feedback that improves your KPIs. This is feedback that your design team doesn’t ignore but actually gets excited about and implements on a regular basis.

You need feedback from Superuser players who play your game so much, they know more about it than your designers do. Especially a year or two down the line when the game gets bloated and it's extremely difficult to keep track of all the little details that need maintenance.

How do you find Superusers?

Great question. This can be done in three ways:

  1. GamerSpeak recruits from existing official or Superuser communities that currently exist (easiest).
  2. GamerSpeak leverages some of our existing contracted Superusers who have experience in your game genre to temporarily get the community started. We recruit native players from your game within 30-60 days after the strategy guide website launches.
  3. You may have already identified some potential Superusers/gamefluencers we could reach out to to interview.

We recruit a variety of different player personality types:

Source: https://www.gamerspeak.io/6-lessons-from-6-years-of-player-first-community-management/

The qualities we look for in the people we recruit are:

Source: https://www.gamerspeak.io/6-lessons-from-6-years-of-player-first-community-management/

How do you train Superusers?

Thoroughly! Trust and reliability are attributes developers need in their Superusers. We train them on a wide array of topics like:


  • The basics of game design
  • How to give KPI-specific feedback
  • How to give actionable feedback
  • How to be a leader in the community
  • How to handle sensitive situations in the community
  • How to write in-depth content
  • How to market their content in the community
  • How to have authentic and targeted conversation on certain topics
  • How to converse honestly, but without bias to a developer
You don’t have any case studies in my game genre. How do I know it will work?

There are differences in the amount of GamerSpeak services necessary for a given game genre, but all games need a deep understanding of their players in order to succeed in the long run. Games that fail have initial resonance with players but cannot maintain resonance month after month, so they die off quickly.

Our sentiment system is platform agnostic. The methods we use are proven to work because they are player focused, not game or platform focused, and consistently deliver results for our clients across all game genres. Waiting for a case study in your specific genre is like waiting to develop a feature only after you've seen competitors deploy it.The asymmetric returns come from being the only one in the meadow. If you are the first to use such a sentiment system, you will have a window of time to gain until your competitor catches on and imitates.

Furthermore, research shows that the information players care about the most in all genres and in all countries is: tips, tricks, and strategy.

 Source: https://ss-usa.s3.amazonaws.com/c/308477825/media/67615f311186cc9f671814704513763/FBG_Mobile%20Gaming%20Genre_EN.pdf 

Can we write official strategy guides?

Sort of. You can write some basic guides to explain how the game works, but we recommend Superusers write more intermediate and advanced guides that go into depth about game strategy and how they play. This is because players connect with Superuser-written guides more because they are written from a peer perspective as opposed to a developer perspective.

Think of it like trusting buying advice from a car salesman (developer) vs a friend who loves their car (Superuser). You tend to think the car salesman isn’t really looking out for your best interest, but if a friend raves about their car, you trust them because they have nothing to gain and they are your friend, after all. That’s why players have more trust in strategy guides written by Superusers (their friends).

Can we host the strategy guides on our official website?

We’ve not had any clients elect to do this. The goal is to create a fan community with as much authenticity as possible so that ultimately the feedback you get is as authentic as possible. If you start mixing the value (strategy guides) into official channels, there won’t be as much trust in what is written in them.

I do want you to know that as per FTC guidelines, we still include a phrase at the top of every guide that says “This website is sponsored by the developer for the enjoyment of the players.” So if you are wanting credibility and respect for sponsoring community content, this is where you will get that.

How many DAUs should my game have before working with GamerSpeak?

We’ve seen Superuser communities of as little as 500 players generate incredible insights. Every player that you acquire who does not get to experience the community we develop has a higher chance of churning and lower LTV. We recommend launching a GamerSpeak community as soon as your game is global launch ready. Just so you know, we need 30-45 days of lead time.

Should I work with GamerSpeak before or after launch?

At a minimum, you should start with GamerSpeak as soon as you determine that your game is ready for global launch. Although, we have had 20% of our customers start with us in soft launch and playtesting phases to make sure they have a clear path of what their target audience wants from the game.

If you don’t want your game to die in soft-launch, start with us then. Even if metrics don’t look great during soft-launch, we can give you a clear path of what your target audience wants from your game so you know exactly what to change to get awesome KPIs.

We had a client wait 3 months after launching before they could get approval to bring us in to build a community hub with in-depth strategy guides. As a result they missed out on an INSANE opportunity for higher engagement, retention and revenue for their game. One year later that community is generating 487,000 page views a month. we could have achieved that engagement 4x times faster if we launched the community hub before or at the same time as the global launch of the game.

Should I build an official community or a Superuser-led community?

Superuser communities are proven to be far more effective than official communities in all areas that impact business goals, but there is still a place for official communities.

  1. Superuser strategy guides are more educational and engaging than surface level official guides.
  2. Superuser chat rooms are often more positive and constructive than the biased and negative comments that plague official channels.
  3. Authentic sentiment can only be collected by Superusers in unofficial communities. Sentiment from official communities is often just players asking for free stuff or thinking the game is broken when it isn't.
  4. Recommendations from Superusers, who are trained to look for win-win situations for the enjoyment of the players and the business goals of the developer, are more valuable and actionable than what players suggest on social channels.

We still recommend investing in an official Discord for game announcements and creating relationships with players. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. won’t generate insights that can be measured for ROI. Nor will they achieve compelling engagement to justify the effort you put in. If you’re curious how to best use each social media platform, we wrote about that here: https://www.gamerspeak.io/whats-the-best-platform-for-game-developers-to-obtain-community-actionable-feedback/

We’ve not seen or heard of many developers claiming to increase their retention and revenue by using traditional social media to promote engagement in their game. Instead, they look at whether or not the player feedback they receive and implement is affecting their KPIs. However, the vast majority of developers do not have great channels for reliable, detailed, authentic, and actionable feedback. This is the problem GamerSpeak solves for them.

Is it still valuable to create a Facebook page for my game?

We don’t think so. Take Fortnite - the biggest game in a very long time only has 5 million Facebook page likes as of March 2021, with between 200-1,000 engagements per post. That’s appallingly low for a game with 25M DAU. Facebook doesn’t promote pages or groups like they used to. 

Take this quote from David Logan, a Discord community expert, on Gamasutra: “Fifteen years ago, anyone launching an indie game would have needed to make a Facebook. Ten years ago, they’d need Twitter. Five years ago, they’d need Instagram. Today, every marketing expert in gaming is going to tell you to set up a Discord server for your upcoming indie titles.”

Will GamerSpeak manage my official social channels?

We won’t manage any “social media” channels, except Discord. With Discord, we’ll walk you through our standard operating procedures for exactly how we recommend your team engage with players while we manage it.

Does GamerSpeak work with premium games as well as F2P?

Yes. There are differences in the amount of services necessary for games with different revenue models (cosmetic vs. premium vs. free to play), but every model needs to deeply understand their players to be really profitable. Games that fail have initial resonance with players but cannot maintain resonance month after month, so they die off quickly.

Do you translate your content in multiple languages?

We can publish our content in multiple languages to reach an international audience. As for the localization itself, we go through the developer’s localization partner. Then we publish the localized content on the community hub in a SEO friendly manner.

Will your service work for a game with an international audience?

Absolutely. We can localize content in as many languages as your game has. However, our customers typically focus on English content, or they just localize content for the most popular countries and languages the game is played in.

If our partnership ends do we get to keep the community hub?

Yes. We would transfer the administrative rights to your team, and move the hosting to a server of your choice.

Do we get to have a say in the content created on the community hub?
Absolutely. We will share our recommended content calendar with you, but you can request changes.
How does the guarantee work?

We offer an action-based guarantee. If you follow our action plan and don’t get high-quality strategic recommendations 90-days post-launch, then we refund your money. Obviously, you have to do the work and show that you followed the steps for the guarantee to apply. However, if you are leaning on a guarantee before you get started, then it's likely that you don't really believe that this will work and it may be better for you to go back and think if this is really for you or do a little more research before pulling the trigger.

Why work with you? What makes you so special?

Our CEO, Chad Kihm, started building communities for F2P mobile games back in 2014. He found a recipe for building a community that VIP players love, and a community that uncovers hidden insights game developers can use to make a lot of money.

Who are you guys anyway?
We are a group of Superuser gamers that are deeply involved in various communities for games. We know how to get to the heart of what players desire from a game, and we know how to relay that information to developers in a way that helps them achieve their goals.
What happens if I wait?
Every day you aren’t super clear on what your players want from you next, you waste your limited valuable time and money.
What results will I actually get from this?
Expect a 15-30% increase in revenue and retention in six months or less if you follow our action plan.
What exactly am I signing up for?
A minimum of a 3 month partnership where we execute our GamerSpeak Method for your game.
Are there any hidden fees?
There are no upcharges or extra hourly fees of any kind. You pay a flat rate and it never changes unless the contract is renegotiated.
Are there any long-term contracts?
Contract length ranges from 3 months to 6 months depending on what you prefer.
Do I need to integrate your service with anything?

The GamerSpeak Method does not include any software that needs to integrate into something.

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