GamerSpeak Raising Funds & Awareness for Stay in the Game Relief Fund. Matching up to $500 in Donations.

Stay in the Game Relief Fund

May 7, 2020

This month we are raising money and spreading the word about the “Stay in the Game Relief Fund“. Our goal is to raise $500 in donations from the community and match that by matching up to $500 in donations. The “Stay in the Game Relief Fund” is an industry-wide effort to support four crucial nonprofit organizations in the gaming community.

Stay in the Game Relief Fund’s Story

The COVID-19 pandemic has the gaming industry and community playing the world on challenge mode right now. Millions of gamers, developers, and studios are affected. 

Moments like this have a way of revealing what really matters to us. In this daunting time, people are turning to games as a source of relief, escape, and connection. We are reminded every day why we play games – and why the people who make and play games matter. 

Nonprofits that serve the video game community help make this industry the best it can beThis is why we’ve started the Stay in the Game Relief Fund – to help four nonprofits who serve and support this vibrant community stay in the game during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

  • Take This envisions a game community that welcomes and supports people experiencing mental health challenges. 
  • Global Game Jam celebrates the positive cultural value of games by hosting the world’s largest annual game creation event.
  • IGDA-Foundation focuses on diversity and champions aspiring, international game developers in marginalized communities. 
  • The Games and Online Harassment Hotline provides text message-based emotional support to folks in and around the games industry.

Collectively, our four organizations decrease stigma and support the mental health of game lovers and creators, work to create supportive environments for an entry into this creative industry, and pave the way for a gaming industry and community that is as safe and inclusive as it is innovative. 

The need for our services and support is higher than ever. Games have always been there for us. Today, we need you to be there for the people who make and play them by donating. Your donations will be matched by companies from the games industry!

Our goal is $50,000. Are you game to help us?

Your gift will:

  • Support the mental and emotional health of our community in a time when we are all vulnerable. 
  • Elevate voices of marginalized people who want to tell their stories and bring their experiences to life through games. 
  • Help our organizations stay in the game for the long haul by sustaining our staff, core programs, and operations.
  • Be matched 100% by our amazing corporate sponsors:

If you want the video game community to emerge from this pandemic as vibrant and diverse as it can be, donate today!

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