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Take Your Time Machine into Space and Explore History!

Big Time

August 25, 2022

What is Big Time

Big Time is a multiplayer free-to-play action RPG game involving battles while taking a journey through time and space. 

As you fight through history, you can explore civilizations and unfold mysteries while earning NFTs and tokens to decorate your Time Machine and Avatar.

Big TIme Early Access Launch Trailer

Big Time has raised $21 million from their seed round from various companies FBG Capital, North Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Alameda Research, Circle Financial, and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.

Their studio team includes alums from Epic Games, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Decentraland to bring their own NFT game that is not Play-to-Win. 

Launch and Reception

Big Time is currently in its Early Access Phase, and it is offered for purchase through VIP Pass NFTs. The passes will allow you to access the game before its F2P global launch and grant you opportunities to collect rare NFTs at a higher drop rate during the Early Access period.

Four different play passes exist: Gold, Silver, Jade, and Ruby. 

In their initial VIP sales event, they set up to sell 10% of VIP passes ever to be minted. They sold out within seconds of their first VIP Launch sale and have worked hard to create and mint more VIP passes since then. 

Each tier has its perks. The earlier you get in or the higher the play pass you purchase, the better the drop rates are. 

Gold, Silver, and Jade Early Access Passes can be purchasable through Big Time’s Official Marketplace

You can also purchase the passes through their secondary marketplaces: OpenSea and Binance Marketplace. 

Ruby Passes can be earned through being active in the Big Time official communities! Check out the links at the bottom of this article to join their community forms and earn your chance to obtain a Ruby Pass through activity and giveaways! 

How to Redeem Your Early Access Pass

You can purchase your Early Access Pass through the Marketplace, OpenSea, or Binance. 

Once you have purchased your pass, confirm that it’s in the wallet of your choice, then proceed to Big Time to redeem your VIP Pass from the drop-down menu under your profile through the Marketplace. 

Select where you purchased your Early Access Pass: Big Time Marketplace, OpenSea, or Binance. If you bought through OpenSea or Binance, connect your wallet and sign the signature request to make the pass show. 

Battle Passes can only be redeemed once the early access period has arrived and will be burned once it’s redeemed; make sure to wait for your pass to process redemption. 

Battle Passes purchased through the Marketplace will redeem almost instantly. However, through OpenSea and Binance, you will need to go through some additional verification processes. 

Once the NFT VIP Pass has been burned and redeemed, download and install the Big Time Launcher.

Make sure to use the same Marketplace account to sign in to the Big Time launcher.

Check out Big Time’s Early Access Redemption step-by-step tutorial for additional in-depth instructions. 

VIP Onboarding Program

If you purchased a Gold or Silver Pass, Big Time offers a VIP Onboarding Program

By registering for this form, you can gain access to their private VIP Gold Pass Discord, receive ongoing tutorials and live streams with the game team, ask questions and receive 1:1 support. 

Big Time Roadmap

While there is no ETA on their launch date, they have a Roadmap to give us a timeline. 

How to Get Started with Big Time

As mentioned above, to get started with Big Time right now, you can purchase an Early Access VIP Pass or wait until their free-to-play global launch, which is still ETA. 

Big Time Gameplay

Each player will receive a personal Time Machine to move through time and space to visit different locations and battles. Initially, you will also select a class, but keep in mind that you will be unable to change it until you obtain a Pocket Watch. 

Time Machine

The Time Machine will be essentially your personal metaverse where you can showcase your NFTs and loot. 

You can use SPACE NFTs to expand your Time Machines.


SPACE NFTs are similar to virtual lands, allowing you to expand your Time Machines. 

There are five different rarity tiers and three different sizes. The rarer and larger it is, the more capacity it has to install additional features. 

There will only be 600,000 SPACE NFT minted; 60,000 were already sold past December. Since they are NFTs, they can be transferable and tradable. 

Once you’ve expanded your Time Machine, you will unlock a Time Keeper (Time Warden) to reside in your space, and they will craft or fill your Hourglass, allowing you to find Big Time Tokens. 

Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches allow you to swap between classes, containing your character’s class and inventory. As you progress through the game, you can collect Pocket Watches for each class. The classes can gain new skills and wield powerful armor, items, and artifacts. 

There are four Pocket Watch class types of watches. The classes are Barbarian, Chronomancer, Quantum Fixer, and Shadowblade, each having unique strengths and abilities. 

What makes this game unique is that in some games, when you select a character, you have to create a new account to produce a different character and start a new storyline. With Big Time, you can use your Pocket Watch and swap characters without losing progress or changing accounts. 

Barbarian (Time Warrior) 

The Time Warrior’s style of play is the Barbarian. They are tanky and meant for close range and brute force. 

Chronomancer (Mage) 

The Mage’s style of play is the Chronomancer, which is based on magic. They are better for ranged, projectiles, and area damage-related battles. 

Quantum Fixer (Healer/Support)

The Quantum Fixer class provides support and is the healer. Their primary focus is healing, buffing, and turrets.

Shadowblade (Ninja)

Shadowblade’s Ninja style is built on stealth, speed, and damage. 

Big Time Classes


There are six types of weapons: Battle Axe, Dual Blades, Two-Handed Greatsword, Sword and Shield Combo, Quantum Staff, and Warhammer. 

Big Time Weapons

Each Weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, one having an advantage over another. The stats focus on Speed, Combo, Damage, Range, and Blocking. 

Battle Axe is the most balanced one of the six, with a little more Damage and Blocking ability with a trade-off of Range. Therefore, this weapon may be more suited for the Time Warrior. 

Dual Blades is ideal for classes focused on mobility (such as the Shadowblade class), built with Speed and Combo. However, it does offer little to no Blocking. 

Two-Handed Greatsword sacrifices Speed for power, leaving a lot of Damage, Range, and Blocking. 

Sword and Shield Combo is another balanced-like weapon offering decent offense and defense capabilities. However, it isn’t the best for Heroes who use Range. 

Quantum Staff provides similar Speed and Combo as the Battle Axe. However, it grants better Blocking and Range. 

The Warhammer provides impressive Damage and Speed. However, it is not as helpful in Blocking as the Battle Axe would be. 


This section will be updated soon!

Big Time’s Economy

Big Time Tokens

Big Time Tokens can be acquired through Hourglasses. Once you have SPACE, you can place your Time Wardens (these can be earned in-game or purchased through the Marketplace), and their main purpose is to create Hourglasses or fill them up. 

Big Time Tokens cannot be purchased and are only earnable in-game; they can be earned through winning battles and completing quests. Big Time Tokens can be used to buy rare and exclusive cosmetic NFTS, speed up crafting times, and repair items. 


You equip the Hourglass and then hunt for Tokens in the game. 

The sand in the Hourglass is NOT unlimited, so make sure to visit your Time Keeper to replenish the sand before it runs out. 

Big Time Hourglasses


There are two types of NFTs, Cosmetic and Utility NFTs. The NFTs can be obtainable in-game by defeating enemies or purchased in the Marketplace. 

Cosmetic NFTs enhance the appearance of your Weapons and Armor and do not affect stats. 

Utility NFTs are SPACE, Time Wardens, Forges, Armories, and Hourglass NFTs. 

How to Earn Money in Big Time

The Big Time Marketplace accepts all forms of payments, such as debit/credit cards, ETH, BTC, USDC, and wire transfers, allowing access to people who do not have crypto wallets yet.

You can make money by acquiring Tokens by completing quests and conquering your enemies, purchasing NFTs with them, and selling the NFTs. As mentioned above, the Tokens can be earned using your Hourglasses to battle throughout history. 

Another opportunity is obtaining NFT loot that can be won in-game by defeating enemies and selling your looted NFT goods. 

How to Sell Items in Big Time

To sell your Cosmetic or Utility NFTs, go to the Big Time Marketplace or select the ‘GO TO MARKETPLACE’ button under the cosmetic section of your inventory. 

Select the item(s) in your collections, list the price, and confirm. 

You can sell:

  • Titles
  • Weapons
  • Armor

Before you can sell your item(s), you will obtain an F2A Code on your phone to complete the listing process. 

Check out Big Time’s in-depth tutorial for more information!

Closing Thoughts

You can earn money in two ways; Acquiring Tokens by completing quests and conquering your enemies and then purchasing NFTs with them and selling the NFTs. Another opportunity is obtaining NFTs in-game by defeating enemies and selling your looted NFT goods. 

With any investment and economic decision, it’s strongly advised to do your research. Crypto and Digital Currency are quite volatile; the more information, education, and tools you have, the more informed judgment you can make for yourself. Read the Big Time Medium articles and additional resources before investing.

Disclaimer: The details provided by MyGuild are for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The information supplied on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other advice and should not treat the website’s content as such. 


About Big Time

Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG game combining fast-action combat and adventures through timelines. 

Expand your Time Machine and production capabilities with SPACE NFTs and explore mysteries and civilizations battling throughout history. Earn NFT loot and tokens as you defeat enemies.

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