How to Earn Money in Crypto Unicorns

A Colorful Unicorn Collecting, Farming Simulation Blockchain Game

What is Crypto Unicorns?

Crypto Unicorns is a new blockchain-based game in which players employ awesomely unique Unicorn NFTs in a fun farming simulation and a variety of exciting battle loops.

Players can unite individual Land into neighborhoods for extremely social real-time games.

Over time, each game type will make use of unique Unicorn abilities. An excellent racing Unicorn, for example, might not be a terrific jouster or “Battlecorn.”

Finally, they imagine a vast array of gaming and economic loops that are all tied to the fundamental farming loop.

Crypto Unicorns Launch and Reception

By transaction volume, Crypto Unicorn is one of the most popular games and NFT collections on the Polygon blockchain.

Crypto Unicorns is a game created by Laguna Games that includes an appealing aesthetic design and a play-to-earn ecosystem.

The official game debuted on May 2, and in-game NFTs have already dominated OpenSea on the Polygon blockchain for 24 hours after the initial launch.

As the game got closer to its release date in 2022, the volumes of the two key in-game assets, Lands and Unicorns, have progressively increased.

Unicorn NFTs have amassed an all-time volume of roughly $25 million, $122,250 in the 24 hours after launch.

Crypto Unicorns Gameplay

At the moment, Crypto Unicorns offers digital pet farming and crafting. However, later in 2022, new gameplay such as jousting, racing, and team RPG will be implemented gradually.

Users must first purchase a plot of land and a Unicorn from OpenSea to begin playing.

Crypto Unicorns Marketplace

Crypto Unicorns Land Marketplace

As a result, these two NFTs are required to begin the game. The Land NFTs are at the heart of the crafting and agricultural action. Each account is currently limited to owning 9 lands but you can create a sub-account if you wish to own more.

Connecting your lands in the grid will give you an adjacency bonus and maximizes your land productivity.

The following buildings are available on your Land Plot:

  • Farm Slots – Where players can grow Class Berries, which are used for crafting. Unicorns can also be staked here to gain additional berries needed for crafting. If the unicorn class matches the land class then you will gain even more berries.

  • Workshop – Where Unicorns work their magic to produce and craft Materials. Producing Materials require the player to stake the Unicorn at the Workshop for some time. 

  • Nursery – Where players breed or evolve their Unicorns. This is also the place where new unicorns are born.

  • Stables – Where a player can see all their Unicorn NFTs and hold events such as parties in the future. Upgrading the Stables enables Unicorns to recover energy faster and increase their Unicorn’s work capacity.

Lands vary in rarity, which means that rarer lands can generate more materials.

Lands are classified as Common, Rare, or Mythic, with the rarity rising in order. The rarer the Land, the higher productivity and the more buffs.

Having your Unicorn is necessary for all types of gaming, as it gives the Land life. Players can start by hatching a Unicorn from one of 10,000 Genesis Eggs.

Each Unicorn has a set of genes that give them unique visual traits, battle stats, and core stats.

These stats determine a Unicorn’s ability to compete in a particular type of mini-game to win rewards.

So, for example, Jousting and Team RPG would use the battle stats, while Racing would use the Scores calculated by combining the core stats.

For additional tips & tricks, guides, and information make sure to review the information at Crypto Unicorn Game Guides.

How to Earn Money in Crypto Unicorns

The materials that you craft and harvest are a part of the core game economic loops in Crypto Unicorns. Because each of the game loops is dependent on the others, it’s difficult to specialize in just one.

Buying and selling materials require crafting materials to sell or finding things to sell on gathering missions. Crafting requires berries, $UNIM, and other materials. So there are already multiple ways you can Play & Earn.

Here are the several methods to earn money by playing Crypto Unicorns:

  • The major economic loop in Crypto Unicorns is:
    • Breeding Unicorns
    • Farming berries
    • Crafting items
    • Gathering materials
    • Buying and selling resources
      • These core loops can earn you $RBW and $UNIM in-game, depending on the task.
  • However, you can also earn money by:
    • Stake $RWB Tokens
    • Entering race events [Release Q3/Q4, 2022]
    • Entering Jousting events and tournaments [Release Q3/Q4, 2022]
    • PvE and PvP Battle [Release Q3/Q4, 2022]

Except for farming, every economic loop needs a Unicorn with energy to finish it. Even though some cycles, like crafting planks, appear to be repeatable, you are heavily limited by the energy requirement because Unicorns can only earn one energy per 24 hours.

The end state of the economic loops is either receiving $RBW/$UNIM, which you may exchange for other crypto assets, or breeding additional unicorns, which you could then sell on an NFT market. 

Let’s discuss the Tokennomics of the two tokens used by Crypto Unicorn.

Tokenomics of Crypto Unicorns

The duo-token economy of Crypto Unicorn uses Unicorn Milk ($UNIM) and Rainbow Tokens ($RBW). Both tokens are hosted on the Polygon Network.

Unicorn Milk Token ($UNIM)

The ERC20 Token called Unicorn Milk ($UNIM) is used to breed and evolve unicorns as well as create high-value items and boosters.

Unicorn Milk ($UNIM)

Players earn this currency by gathering, loot boxes, and competing in events, and tournaments. When it is used, it is burned and removed from the supply. 

$UNIM Token Breakdown and Utility

  • Description: Lifeblood of the Crypto Unicorn’s Economy
  • Max Supply: Infinite
  • Sources: Gathering, Loot Boxes, & Events
  • Sinks: Crafting, Breeding, & Evolution
  • Inflation Intent: Increase the rate at which new players are onboarded.
  • Investment Reason: Plan to use UNIM in-game to expand/improve your operation.

Rainbow Token ($RBW)

Rainbow Tokens ($RBW) are the primary value token for the Unicorn multiverse. Players can stake it to receive $sRBW and vote on proposals. Staking for a longer period results in more voting power.

Rainbow Tokens ($RBW)

$RBW can be used in a variety of ways by their owners, including: 

  • Stake/vote to decide how the DAO is run and receive stake rewards 
  • Buy premium boosters, items, and materials in the Rainbow Marketplace 
  • Breed and evolve Unicorns 
  • Pay entry fees for competitions in Jousting, Racing, and Battle Tournaments (this feature will be released Q3/4 2022)

The main goal of $RBW is to Decentralize Crypto Unicorns Treasury and IP ownership and governance.

$RBW Token Breakdown and Utility

  • Description: Medium of Exchange in the world of CU
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Sources: Gathering, Loot Boxes, & Events
  • Sinks: Crafting, Breeding, & Evolution
  • Distribution Schedule: Over 5 years
  • Investment Reason: Voting, Staking, & In-Game Use.

Players in Crypto Unicorn exchange their items for $UNIM and $RBW. While both $UNIM & $RBW are crucial, players must understand how they differ from one another. Here’s a quick reference chart to remind you of the differences:


It’s worth mentioning that Breeding Unicorns requires both $UNIM and $RBW. You will want two adult unicorns that each have at least one breeding point left to breed. Every time a unicorn breeds, one of its eight breeding points is used.

Choose your companions wisely since once they are spent, you cannot gain any more.

Breeding Unicorns takes place at your Nursery Building. Breeding can take up to 15 minutes to produce an egg.

Unicorn offspring resemble their parents, however, occasionally occurrences just happen. The current Breeding Points of each parent are used to determine the $UNIM cost of breeding.

Once the Crypto Unicorns give birth to an egg, you can sell that egg on the OpenSea Market, or hatch the egg and sell the baby. 

Finally, if you decide to keep the offspring, you can evolve the Unicorn into an Adult and sell it or use it for additional tasks on your land.


A player can Evolve a baby unicorn into an adult unicorn whenever they want. The unicorn gains a boost to all of its stats as well as the capacity to breed other unicorns as a result. You can evolve a baby Unicorn for 2,500 $UNIM and 25 $RBW.

For further information about Breeding and Evolving Unicorns, please refer to the Guide that Crypto Unicorns provided here.

Next, we’ll detail how players can obtain $UNIM/$RWB tokens.

How to Earn $UNIM Tokens


In Crypto Unicorns, Gathering is the simplest economic loop that requires a Unicorn. 

This starts with your Gathering Cart, where you can send a Unicorn on an expedition lasting up to 24 hours in the hopes of returning with some useful items.

You receive an increase in your gathering rewards if the Unicorn you send to the Land the Cart is on matches the one you are. You obtain the BEST benefits if you also give them 10 berries that belong to their class.

Here’s a quick Gathering Economy Loop:

Similar to the farming bonuses the rewards are also based on the level of your cart. The majority of Gathering quests return a big amount of $UNIM along with some seeds, crafting materials, and even boosters.

How to Earn $RWB Tokens


Trading on the market is another component of the economic cycle. Anything on the market can be purchased instantly for $RBW, but to sell anything, you must select a Unicorn to send to the market.

A Unicorn is required to sell your items to the Marketplace, you will need to spend one Unicorn energy to haul your goods to the market with a Unicorn. The Unicorn you select will be busy for 8 hours before they are available for other tasks.

The Rainbow Marketplace

The Rainbow Marketplace will be a key location for players. You can buy seeds, crafting materials, and boosters from here to enhance the productivity of your farms and lands.

This is where you make $RBW by selling things you’ve made, such as berries or crafting materials, or items you don’t need anymore. Prices are determined over time by the broader market.

The Rainbow Marketplace acts as a real-world stock market; so knowledgeable players can make profitable transactions by predicting what the market will do.

The Rainbow Marketplace, which operates like the well-known decentralized exchange Uniswap, is designed as an Automated Market Maker (AMM).

This means that once configured, the Marketplace will be able to automatically provide a constant range of fair, updated pricing for a variety of goods.

Players will have to pay a tiny charge when buying anything, just like on the Stock Market.

The fee is in place to guarantee that the RMP is constantly stocked with RBW and to permit further RBW distributions (for P2E) after the initial 5-year distribution is finished. 

How to Earn Money with Staking $RWB Tokens

It’s worth noting that with most staking programs, you’ll “lock” your land for a specific period. The longer you stake, the higher the returns will be. So make sure to take into consideration how long you’re willing to part with your land.

How to Stake In Crypto Unicorns

Staking is pretty simple in Crypto Unicorns. You’ll need $RBW Tokens in your Crypto Wallet, but once you’ve established that, you can refer to our quick step-by-step guide to stake your $RBW Tokens:

  • Tap on “Stake $RBW”
  • Select time preference (ie. 1–12 months)
  • Confirm Transaction

Staking rewards ($RBW) are given out daily to sRBW holders. As a result, players with longer time horizons will receive more staking rewards and hold a significant portion of the voting power. 

Finally, Crypto Unicorns may reward their $RBWLP token staking mechanism to reward liquidity providers.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: RBWLP is still TBD and Crypto Unicorns are evaluating various strategies including the innovations around Protocol Owned Liquidity.

Once you have staked, you can start collecting RBW awards and points on active leaderboards right away.

Rewards have a seven-day unlock period before they can be claimed. Make sure to set up a weekly claim schedule to min/max your rewards.

How to Earn Money with Crypto Unicorns Scholarships

Similar to other Blockchain Games, Crypto Unicorns has a platform where you can create a Manager/Scholar Partnership. 

A scholarship is when a manager (a player with Unicorns and Land Plots) recruits a scholar (a player who can’t afford their Unicorn and Land Plots) to play the game for them.

According to their agreement, the scholar’s earnings in Crypto Unicorn will be split between the manager and the scholar. It might be 50/50, 60/40, or whatever their talk turns out to be.

Scholars will harvest materials on their land and they play fun games with their Unicorns. Since land parcels play an important role when earning in Crypto Unicorns, it’s only important that we stock a good number of these parcels for Scholars to use. 

At the time of this posting, Managers and Scholars must arrange this agreement independently by third-party communication systems (Line, Discord, Reddit, etc.) and arrange a split rate to agree upon.

However, Crypto Unicorns intends to launch a delegation system, which will allow players to lend their assets to other players at predetermined rates. The payment split and flows will be automated securely.

Closing Thoughts

There are many ways that someone can earn money in Crypto Unicorns. There’s a natural economy that you can take advantage of with this game. Currently, you can:

  • By Harvesting, Farming, Gathering Materials, and Crafting Materials and Selling them on the Marketplace
  • Breed Unicorns and Sell the Egg, the Baby, or the Evolved/Adult Unicorn on the Marketplace
  • Stake $RWB Tokens for rewards over time
  • Creating a Scholarship/Manager Program

With any investment and financial decision, you must do your research. Crypto and Digital Currency are incredibly volatile; the more information, education, and tools you have at your disposal, the better decisions you can make for a brighter future. Make sure to read Crypto Unicorn’s Whitepaper and other resources before any investments.

Disclaimer: The information provided by MyGuild is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. 


About Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns, a Unicorn pet-collecting, and farming game. Its gameplay centers around Unicorn and Land NFTs, which players utilize in a fun farming simulation, and other activities including Unicorn Jousting, Racing, and Team Battling. The main game was released on the Polygon Network on May 2, 2022.

Unicorns create value in the game and work at the farm, workshop, or rest in the stables when they are ready to breed. Unicorns can only be bred eight times using materials like Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Normal Berries. Players can either breed two of their Unicorns in the Nursery, sell their Unicorn or pay to have their Unicorn bred with another player’s Unicorn.

Crypto Unicorns is different from other play-to-earn games in that it allows people to play in a variety of ways, including non-competitive (farming and crafting) and competitive (PVP) (racing, jousting, and battle modes).

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