How to Earn Money in Cyball

Collect Football-Themed NFTs to Battle Your Opponents to Earn Additional Rewards!

August 15, 2022

What is Cyball?

Cyball is a P2E football (US: Soccer) game using cards (CyBlocs) to create a team to play football matches against other users digitally.

The goal is to create your NFT-based football team by assembling and leveling your Cybloc cards while earning tokens through various PvP and PvE game modes. 

Cyball Launch and Reception

Raising $1.8 million in seed funding, Cyball launched on February 22nd, 2022 (2/22/22) on Binance Smart Chain, kicking off with about 22,000 games played within 24 hours, with players reporting earnings up to $210,000 $CBT.  

CyBall’s NFT Drop sold out within one minute and hit a record-breaking trading volume of $10M on Binance NFT in seven days.

As of May 2022, Cyball amassed 70,000 signups with 17,000 daily active users with an all-time NFT trading volume of $12M. 

How to Get Started with Cyball

To sign up for Cyball, visit Ensure that your Metamask, WalletConnect, BinanceWallet, or Coin98 Wallet account is set up in your browser and on the Binance smartchain. 

On the main page, select the sign-up option. 

Proceed to log in to your wallet option, then check your email to complete the verification process. 

Once you’re done, refer to the homepage and download the game. 

Check out the Cyball ‘How to Signup’ video for more information. 

CyBall Official – How to Signup

Cyball Gameplay

Users will need to collect Cybloc NFTs to create a football team to battle other opponents. 

CyBall Official – Gameplay Tutorial


Cyblocs are unique NFT football characters and are the primary source of the game. You can purchase them through the Cyball or Binance NFT Marketplace or apply for CyLoans start. You can earn additional Cyblocs by mentoring (breeding). 

Each Cybloc has unique classes, traits, and skills that set them apart.


Class is the Cybloc’s rarity; the rarity determines the starting skill rating and growth potential. 

The five classes are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the more potential it has to grow. 


Traits are the abilities that come with your character. A Cybloc can have up to three traits, and their mechanics will affect the game’s outcome. Like class, their rarity varies from common, rare, and super rare. 

A new Cybloc can inherit a trait from its mentor and naturally gain it without a mentor at considerably lower odds. 

Traits are always positive, so a CyBloc with more traits will be more helpful and valuable.

To read more about specific common, rare, and super rare traits, check out the Cyball Docs with the listed traits. 

Photo credit: ANCIENT8 Guild


Skills are Cybloc’s talents. The talents can be leveled, and their rarity determines where the base starts. At each level, a Cybloc is given one free skill point until it reaches its max level (100). The skill point can be assigned to any of the abovementioned skills, maxing at 60 points per skill.

There are six talents your Cyblocs can possess: Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Crossing, Shooting, and Physical.

Key Events

Key events are the match rounds, randomized and based on skills. 

At the beginning and half round, you will need to select a strategy you want to focus on (Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Offensive, and Ultra Offensive.) Then during each round, a key event will be selected, and the player must choose the Cybloc(s) they wish to use for the match based on the key event selected. 

The Key Events are focused events based on skill. Each round will be Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Crossing, Shooting, or Physical.

For example, if the event is Crossing, you’d want to select a Cybloc that prioritizes that particular skill. 


Your team’s Strategy selection will affect how the goalkeepers can stop goals during that half.

Before the start of each half, both users are required to choose their team’s Strategy. When selecting a strategy, you will acquire a Total Match Balance, and so will your opponent, determining the goalkeeper’s shot-stopping range.

The 5 Strategies: Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Offensive, and Ultra Offensive.

The combination of the Strategies selected by both teams will determine the Total Match Balance, which sets the max RNG range for Goalkeeper Shot-Stopping Rating. 

Total Match Balance = Team A’s Match Balance + Team B’s Match Balance



An Exhibition match is a PvP mode that is more casual and is excellent for practice. 

There are two different types of Exhibition matches:

Cyball’s matchmaking system will pair you with opponents with similar ratings to ensure fairness. 

Energy: Cyball uses an energy system that is required for specific matches. Players receive 60 energy daily, replenishing any energy used at reset (Energy resets at the start of each day using UTC+0 timezone)

Key Events: Key events are matches that focus on a particular skill. 


League is a seasonal ladder-style match and is split by ratings. 

Upon entering the season, you register your team with seven Cyblocs (five starting and two substitutions.) Once the season starts, you cannot change your lineup, so choose wisely!

At the start of the match, you’ll be required to select which five Cyblocs to participate in the match while the other two are benched. 

Matches do not cost energy, and there will be ten key events. 

You’ll earn your rewards at the end of the season and be promoted or demoted accordingly based on your wins. 


The tournament style features the best teams in the game. 

To play in the tournament, you must be invited by the organizers. Upon accepting the invite, you can register your team with seven Cyblocs (similar to League mode, five starts, and two substitutes). Once you have picked your Cyblocs, they are locked in for the tournament’s duration. 

Similar to league mode, the team owner must select the five Cyblocs they want to use at the start of the scheduled match. There are ten key events per match. 

Rewards will be distributed at the end of each tournament, and each Cybloc on the winning team will receive a champion trophy attached to their profile. 

Tournaments have the potential to acquire sponsorships and external partners. 


There are two training modes where you can gain additional experience for your Cyblocs. The training modes do not require energy and do not drop any P2E rewards. 

3v3 Battle Stadium is similar to the 3v3 Exhibition match, but you’re matched with computer-generated opponents. 

There is also a Hire-a-Coach mode, an automatic training mode requiring you to spend $CBT. The Hire-a-Coach mode allows you to select a Cybloc to be trained without any manual requirement from the user. 


Released on July 26th, a new NFT mutant series with unique appearances featuring particular traits and skill boosts can be applied to any CyBloc in-game. 

Five different skin classes can be applied to any Cyblocs. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary. 

Mutant class/type from left to right: Bronze (Zombie), Silver (Anatomical Aberration), Gold (Forest Gods), Platinum (deep Sea Monsters), and Legendary (Demons and Nightmares).

Cyrums are purchasable in the Cyball NFT Marketplace as a timed auction. 

Once purchased and applied, Cyrum will transform your CyBloc into a mutant, and the extra boosts will be added during matches. A Cyrum can be applied to any CyBloc.

An additional trait will enable the CyBlocs to have up to four traits in a match. Duplicate traits will NOT stack.

How to Purchase or Sell Cyrums

Visit the Cyball NFT Marketplace, select the Cyrum tab, and select the Cyrum you want to purchase. 

To sell a Cyrum, click directly onto the Cyrum through your Profile and select ‘Sell Now’ to list it at a fixed price. 

Check out Cyball’s Blog about Cyrum for additional details and information.

Cyball’s Ecosystem

Four platforms help newcomers and experienced players: Mentoring, Marketplace, CyLoans, and CyDex.


Mentoring allows more experienced Cyblocs to gain CyPods to be sold or, after five days, breed new Junior Cyblocs, with the potential to pass on their class status and traits. 

Junior Cyblocs are newly minted on the blockchain and characters in-game. Each Cybloc that meets the requirements can create three new Cyblocs.

The process can be lengthy, but if you have a higher rarity Cyblocs, it may be worth your while. Your Cyblocs must be a minimum of five days old, and the process takes five days. 

For more information about the costs, the probability of passing down class/traits, and instructions about mentoring, check out the Cyblocs Doc about Mentoring

CyBall Official – How to Mentor

Cyball NFT Marketplace

The Cyball Marketplace allows you to purchase and sell various Cyball NFTs. 

You can get Cyblocs, Cypods, Stadiums, Cyball body parts, and wearables. 

How to Sell Items in Cyball NFT Marketplace

Confirm that your wallet is connected to your Cyball account, and proceed to the Cyball Marketplace to check out your profile/inventory and set up your cards to sell at a fixed price.

You can also sell your cards on Cyball’s Binance NFT Marketplace


CyLoans is a scholarship feature that allows users to loan out CyBlocs you’re not using to other players that may not have their lineup built. 

The benefit of CyLoans is that you set terms, such as specifying a revenue share or fee model. Any new user can become a scholar as long as they agree to the terms set by the owners. 

NFTs cannot be transferred while being loaned out to new users. 

For instructions on how to loan out your Cyblocs, visit CyLoans Instructions,


CyDex is CyBall’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) based Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

Automated Market Maker allows you to trade digital assets using liquidity pools instead of the traditional market with buyers and sellers.

You can go to CyDex to buy and sell your NFTs for CyBall’s native tokens: $CBT and $CYB.

This feature is coming soon!

Tokenamics of Cyball

Cyball was built on the Binance Smart Chain and has plans to launch on Solona soon, making it a multichain market.

$CBT Tokens

$CBT Tokens

CBT tokens (Cybloc Battery Token) are ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens with no fixed supply and their primary P2E reward token. 

$CYB Tokens

CYB tokens (Cyball Token) are ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens with a fixed supply, regulated, and a unique P2E reward token. 

How to Earn Money in Cyball

$CBT can be acquired from:

  • Exhibition, League, and Tournaments
  • Revenue from CyLoans

$CYB can be earned from:

  • Competing in League and Tournaments

Closing Thoughts

There are multiple ways to make money in Cyball.

You can participate in:

  • Play Exhibition matches
  • Compete in Leagues 
  • Be invited to compete in seasonal Tournaments

With any investment and economic decision, it’s strongly advised to do your research. Crypto and Digital Currency are quite volatile; the more information, education, and tools you have, the more informed judgment you can make for yourself. Read (insert Cyball doc) and additional resources before investing.

Disclaimer: The details provided by MyGuild are for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The information supplied on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other advice and should not treat the website’s content as such. 


About Cyball

Cyball is a soon-to-be multichain PlayToEarn football (US: Soccer) style game built on BSC where you can play against other teams with unique NFT football characters. 

You can collect, trade, and mentor Cyblocs competing with them to earn additional rewards.

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