How to Earn Money in Gods Unchained

The First Digital Trading Card Game Where You Can Trade, Sell, or Buy Cards with Real Currency

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a digital card game (also known as a Trading Card Game/TCG) that allows players to battle each other with a card deck and defeat their opponent to win crypto rewards.

Players construct a deck by selecting cards, then compete with other players to bring their opponent’s life total down from 30 to 0. They can use their summoned creatures and spells to attack their opponent or use their cards to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

Gods Unchained Launch and Reception

Gods Unchained started working on their first card set, Genesis, in the summer of 2018. Shortly after, they held an auction for a 1-of-1 Mythic card called Hyperion, which sold for 146 ETH (about $61,000 at the time). Open beta began in the summer of 2019 before the closed beta opened later that year.

Hyperion Card - Gods Unchained
Hyperion Card that sold for 146 ETH (about $61,000 at the time)

Immutable, the parent company of Gods Unchained, changed its name in 2019 and started working on Immutable X, an Ethereum layer 2 solution that focuses on NFTs. 

Due to the rising price of gas, purchasing and selling cards had become prohibitively expensive. And an essential component of a trading card game is the ability to purchase, sell, and exchange cards. Immutable X opened its market in 2021, and it now acts as a gas-free trading platform for Gods Unchained cards and several other NFT initiatives.

Tokens Minted - Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained Tokens Minted

In October 2019, the Genesis set was sold out. Gods Unchained has since released two further sets: Trial of the Gods in 2020 and Divine Order in 2021. The game also includes a Welcome Set that is available for free to all players and a Core set that is acquired through leveling up and participating in matches.

Over 13 million Gods Unchained NFTs have been distributed worldwide as of early 2022, with over 65,000 different asset holders. Gods Unchained assets worth over $25 million have been transferred between members on Immutable X since the platform launched in March 2021.

Gods Unchained Gameplay

Users will need to employ a deck of cards to fight other players. The abilities of these cards might be offensive, defensive, supportive, or disruptive. While some cards are made for magical strikes, others are primarily focused on physical damage.

Players must assemble a deck of cards, and those who successfully mix the cards’ various uses have a greater chance of succeeding. Standard cards are available to every player, but they are not tokenized on the blockchain.

Card Style, Design, and Anatomy - Gods Unchained
Card Style, Design, and Anatomy

Players obtain card packs when their accounts level up. These cards are bound to your blockchain wallet. As a result, you can sell these cards in the marketplace.

To level up cards, you must own several copies of the same card and combine the cards with in-game currency, called Flux, and $GODS Tokens. While leveling up cards gives them a higher rarity, it’s worth noting that it will not change the card’s power of mechanics at all. A card whether it is minted or not will always maintain the same mechanics, utility, and powers.

If you’re interested in decklists for beginners that are free to acquire, make sure to check out Gods Unchained “Learn How to Play” section here.

How to Play Gods Unchained?

You only need to complete a quick registration process before downloading and installing the game on your PC. You will receive an email to confirm your registration after completing that form. Once the gaming platform has been installed, you can simply launch it to begin playing and earning cryptocurrency.

Registering for Gods Unchained
Registering for Gods Unchained is Pretty Simple

To trade cards on the market, you must also connect your Ethereum wallet to Gods Unchained and Immutable X. Although there are numerous other wallets, Metamask is suggested by the game’s creators.

How to Earn Money in Gods Unchained

Currently, there are three methods to earn money in Gods Unchained:

  1. Mint Cards that you earn from playing, opening card packs, then selling the cards on the Gods Unchained Marketplace
Play Loop - Gods Unchained
  1. Earn $GODS Tokens in Weekend Tournaments (known as Weekend Ranked)
Ranked - Gods Unchained
  1. You can earn $GODS Tokens through “Active Staking”; the amount of $GODS Tokens you earn depends on how many tokens you have in 7 days compared to the community. 
Active Staking - Gods Unchained

To fully understand how to earn money in Gods Unchained, we need to delve into the game’s Tokenomics.

Tokenomics of Gods Unchained

$GODS Tokens and IMX tokens are the two primary tokens in Gods Unchained. The native ERC-20 Gods Unchained currency is $GODS, while the native token for the Immutable X network is the IMX token.

$GODS Token - Gods Unchained
$GODS Token

The $GODS Tokens may be used by players to create NFTs, buy packs of cards from the Gods Unchained marketplace, and get access to additional benefits by keeping the tokens in Immutable X. Players can engage in governance initiatives with $GODS Tokens, giving them voting power over the game’s direction. If you’re interested in purchasing $GODS Tokens from a DEX/CEX, this guide will detail what you need to do.

Immutable X Token (IMX) - Gods Unchained
Immutable X Token (IMX)

How to Earn Money By Minting, Selling Cards, and Selling Cards from Packs

Every time you win the battle your level goes up. When you level up you have a chance to get a free card pack.

Players acquire experience with each Ranked match, which is applied to their account level. Players get a Core card pack as a prize for each level up. Players can create a Meteorite level Core card by combining duplicate Core cards with Flux and $GODS Tokens; this card may then be traded or sold to other players.

Additionally, there are many events where you may win additional cards. You may either sell the cards on the open market or forge them to a higher rarity to sell them.

How to Mint Cards in Gods Unchained

It is impossible to sell the cards with the lock mark. To sell them, you need to click on the Forge (in the game screen) and mint your cards. By minting your cards, you’ll also have ownership of your NFTs and can trade them as well.

If you have more than one of the same cards in your hand, you can upgrade your cards in the Forge by clicking the “Start Fusing” and spending Flux and $GODS Token.

NFT Fusing Process - Gods Unchained

A meteorite card is created by combining two plain cards, a shadow card by combining five meteorite cards, a golden card by combining five shadow cards, and a diamond card by combining five gold cards.

When you create a “Meteorite” Card, which is a fully minted NFT Card, then you can sell it on the Marketplace.

What is Flux?
Flux - Gods Unchained
Flux – Gods Unchained In-game Currency

Playing the Ranked Constructed game mode, Gauntlet of the Gods grants access to the in-game resource known as Flux. Flux is used in the Forge, together with $GODS, to fuse two identical cards into a single, newly-minted card of higher quality.

Gauntlet of the Gods - Gods Unchained

The amount of Flux a player receives is based on the rate of wins that the player accumulates in Ranked Constructed mode.

Flux Numbers - Gods Unchained
What is Fusing?

Fusing involves joining two or more identical existing cards to create a single, better quality version of the original card. Before this feature’s expansion, you could only fuse Core set cards to Meteorite quality; today, you may fuse Core cards of any quality, excluding Diamond.

Your card becomes an NFT and may be exchanged on the Immutable X Marketplace for ETH if it is upgraded to a Meteorite (or higher) level Core card by fusing. Cards from sets like Trial of the Gods, Divine Order, or Mortal Judgement expansions are already NFTs, allowing for immediate trading without the need for fusing.

$GODS used in the fusing process are sent to the Staking Rewards pool.

How to Sell Cards In Gods Unchained

Access your Metamask wallet (use Ethereum Mainnet), which is linked to your account in the game. Log in to the website. Then, connect the Metamask wallet that you registered in the game to the Immutable X website.

Your sellable cards will display when you click the “Inventory” section after connecting. The tokens or currencies you have acquired will be shown in your wallet. From here, you may sell your NFT cards on the Marketplace.

Furthermore, we recommend Token Trove, which is an amazing resource for buying and selling cards. They have additional features compared to Immutable X’s Marketplace.

Additionally, when you earn Card Packs in Gods Unchained, you can open the packs and then sell the card contents on the Marketplace. You’ll follow the same process as mentioned above to sell your cards.

Reminder: Cards from the Core Packs must be minted into NFTs before you sell them. Cards from Expansion Packs are minted upon opening them.

How to Earn $GODS Tokens in Weekend Tournaments

On the weekends, the second play-to-earn method is available. Gods Unchained holds an online tournament called the Weekend Ranked

Weekend Ranked runs every Friday 5 am PDT/4 am PST – Monday 5 am PDT/4 am PST. The prizes you win are based on three things: 

  1. How many wins you earn in your first 18 games of each Weekend Ranked event. 
  2. Your rank before each Weekend Ranked event begins.
  3. Whether you have a wallet linked to your account or not.

Packs from the Core Set and the most recent expansion set are among the rewards. After the weekend, players at the Mythic level who place in the top 10 overall earn extra prize packs.

Note: Your wallet must be linked to your account to receive expansion pack cards/sets.

The amount of $GODS Tokens a player earned is based on the ranking at the end of the weekend. The higher the rank a player achieves, the more $GODS Tokens a player earns.

Depending on your beginning rank, the minimum win requirements to be eligible for $GODS rewards in Weekend Ranked. To qualify for a portion of the $GODS Reward Pool, you must win at least the minimum number of times out of a total of 18 games:

  • Mythic – 1 Win
  • Diamond – 1 Win
  • Solar Gold – 3 Wins
  • Auric Gold – 6 Wins
  • Midnight Shadow – 12 Wins
  • Twilight Shadow – 12 Wins
  • Astral Meteorite – 13 Wins
  • Impact Meteorite – 14 Wins
  • Purified Iron – 15 Wins
  • Rusted Iron – 15 Wins
  • Purified Bronze – 15 Wins
  • Rusted Bronze – 15 Wins
Reward Pool - Gods Unchained

The payout formula that Gods Unchained uses for each weekend is:

$GODS reward for Weekend Ranked = (Your points / Total points of all participating players) * $GODS Reward Pool

For more information on $GODS Token payouts, review the information here. 

Additionally, the Gods Unchained team offers a detailed spreadsheet of how many card packs and $GODS Tokens a player will earn depending on the current season.

How to Earn $GODS Tokens with Active Staking

All users who meet the requirements to be active stakers will get staking rewards.

The Staking Rewards Pool, which consists of $GODS Tokens funneled in from acquisition activities done in the Gods Unchained shop and the Forge, will be used to distribute these rewards.

All eligible users will be able to collect rewards every seven days, and they’ll each receive $GODS proportional to the lowest balance they have in their Immutable X accounts.

The lowest number of tokens the user has in their Immutable X account during the specified reward interval period is used to calculate the number of tokens staked.

$GODS Tokens Staked - Gods Unchained

How to Participate in Active Staking

Users may earn $GODS Tokens by actively taking part in the game through Gods Unchained’s staking rewards program, named Offering of the Gods. More $GODS Tokens are awarded to users that have $GODS Tokens in their Immutable X wallets and are actively participating in the Gods Unchained ecosystem.

Active Staking - Gods Unchained

The user must have voted on a proposal within the past 30 days to be considered to be “actively staking” and must have held $GODS inside Immutable X for a 7-day duration.

Example Staking Rewards - Gods Unchained

$GODS Tokens consumed by systems like The Forge and Gods Unchained store sales will be allocated to the $GODS Staking Rewards Pool. These tokens will then be distributed to all users that qualify as active stakers.

For example, if a player holds 100 $GODS tokens and all players hold 1000 $GODS, the player will get 10% of the reward pool (Player’s 100 $GODS tokens divided by the Community’s 1,000 $GODS Tokens = 10%). So, if 3,000 $GODS token is to be shared in that period, the player will get 300 $GODS.

Closing Thoughts

There are many ways that you can earn money in Gods Unchained. There’s a natural economy that you can take advantage of with this game. Currently, you can:

  • Mint Cards that you earn from playing, open card packs, and sell the cards on the Gods Unchained Marketplace
  • Earn $GODS Tokens in Weekend Tournaments
  • You can earn $GODS Tokens through “Active Staking”; the amount of $GODS Tokens you earn depends on how many tokens you have in 7 days compared to the community.

With any investment and financial decision, you must do your research. Crypto and Digital Currency are incredibly volatile; the more information, education, and tools you have at your disposal, the better decisions you can make for a brighter future. Make sure to read Gods Unchained’s White Paper and other resources before any investments.

Disclaimer: The information provided by MyGuild is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. 


About Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a decentralized competitive card game that takes some of the best lessons learned from games like Hearthstone, MTG, and Fearia and turns them into a truly community-focused game. At its core, Gods Unchained is a state-of-the-art blockchain-based game, enabling users to trade and sell their cards freely, with the same level of ownership as if they were real, tangible cards.

The cards, which are NFTs, are digitally owned by players on Ethereum and can be traded on marketplaces or used to earn meaningful currencies and items, including the ERC-20 $GODS token, through tournaments, forging cards together, or attending play-to-earn events.

In-game items that are earned through playing have ample, thoughtfully planned utility that facilitates sustainability in the Gods Unchained ecosystem. Earned items can be sold on marketplaces such as Immutable X, the layer 2 scaling solution that Gods Unchained is built upon.

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