How to Earn Money in Project Eluüne

Unlock Creatures from Domains and Build a Mighty Roster to Battle Other Tribes!

What is Project Eluüne

Project Eluüne is a Free2Play and Play&Own team-based RPG auto-chess game. 

The objective is to create a tribe (guild) to craft, train, recruit, and merge creatures from quests and battle other tribes. 

Project Eluüne creatures are all different from one another, with unique abilities and backstories tying them to the lore. Each tribe cooperatively decides what domains they want to unlock, allowing them to branch off their path and be different from other tribes. 

The intent is to repair a shattered world and discover its secrets.

Project Eluüne Launch

Project Eluüne will be on the Solana Blockchain. However, it was not released at the time. They have a seven-step roadmap and are currently on the third step. 

To learn more about their road map, visit Project Eluüne: Roadmap.

How to Get Started with Project Eluüne

As of right now, they are approaching their alpha phase. 

Check back here soon for more updates!

Project Eluüne Gameplay


Recently, 7,027 minted StarGardens were released. 

StarGardens are floating islands in the universe. One StarGarden will be the home base for your tribe and where your social activities will take place. As your tribe progresses by completing quests and TvT battles (Tribe vs. Tribe), your StarGarden will grow. 

You can also use your StarGarden to strategize with your team and optimize your creatures. 

A StarGarden is owned by one person and serves as a metaverse for your Guild. Most of the game will occur in the StarGarden; you can visit the Markets, Creature Shops, and Domain Arenas while accessing other game features. 

Each StarGarden grants everyone in the tribe access to 20 Domains and 1,000 Creatures, starting with 8 Domains and Creatures. As the tribe grows and completes quests, you can unlock additional Domains and Creatures. 

You can purchase a StarGarden NFT from Solonart and MagicEden.


Domains are various locations in the StarGarden where you can unlock Creatures to use for your TvT or TvE battles. 

Initially, your tribe will have access to eight Arrival Domains, and you can unlock Creatures (level 0 to 60) from the Domains by acquiring Domain Structures. 

As your Guild completes Quests, you can obtain structure upgrades to level your Creatures and unlock other creatures. Also, with more progression, it will open the following six Mystical Domains allowing you to access higher-level Creatures (levels 20 to 80.)

Continued advancements and participation will unlock the Hallowed and Forbidden Domains, which have Creatures that can go up to level 100. 


Each player will receive a choice of Quests; they will pick one to display on the Guild Quest board. Guildmates then will work together to complete them within the time limit listed. 

When Quests are completed, it will increase progression towards the Domain Challenge. When the Domain Challenges are completed successfully, it will increase the Domain level, unlocking Creatures and additional structure upgrades. 

PvE Quests

Quests make up most of the game and are TvE style (Tribe vs. Environment). 

Each Quest takes you to a chess arena within the specific Domain you select. You place your Creatures onto the board and battle enemy NPCs (non-player characters). When opening the Quest, you’ll have the opportunity to see the enemy NPC lineup, allowing the tribe to strategize which Creatures each member of the tribe will place on the board. 

Some Quests are solo, and others are cooperative. Winning Quests will allow the opportunity to acquire some Aurah, XP, Ingredients, and Domain Progress. 

Domain Structures

After completing Quests and Domain Challenges, your structures will continue to grow via upgrades.

The Domain Structures are Domain specific and will be built on your StarGarden, unlocking creatures from that specific Domain. 

For example, if your tribe focuses on the ‘Gates of Nindfall’ quests, that particular structure will be built on your StarGarden and unlock creatures from Gates of Nindfall. The more Gates of Nindfall structures are built, the more Creatures from that Domain are unlocked. 

You can view your opponent’s progress of Domains in their StarGarden and the types of Creatures they unlocked. 


Creatures vary from high-tech machines, heroes, insects, demigods, and starships. You can unlock, recruit, purchase, sell, and deploy them into battle. As mentioned above, they can be unlocked by completing Quests and Domain Structures. 

You will also need Aurah (in-game currency) to purchase Creatures, which can be acquired through Quest Battles. 

Aurah cannot be bought or traded.

Each Creature has its Domain origin, Class, strengths, and weaknesses. They also have a default and special ability. 

Default Ability: The Creature’s main attack (used periodically based on the in-game attack speed stat).

Special Ability: The Creature’s signature move (tends to have limited situations when it will activate).

TvT Tribe Battles

An additional game loop is a larger-scale cooperative Tribe vs. Tribe event called Guild Battle. 

Each tribe in StarGarden can engage in Tribe Battles eight times a day (every three hours); each match is announced 24 hours in advance, giving players time to view the opposing tribe’s StarGarden and plan their Creatures accordingly. 

A tribe member is not required to be online to participate in Tribe Battles. 

Results of battles in the past 24 hours are saved for all Guilds, allowing them to view their matches and plan for future competitions. 

Mission Control

Mission Control is the easiest way to get started in leveling up and getting ready for the launch of the games. 

It is an interactive dashboard where you can complete social/community missions, earn XP to level/claim rewards, and collect your SoulBound Visa so you can become a Citizen of Eluüne: 

Through Mission Control, you are able to build your identity and reputation in the Eluüne ecosystem. Other citizens will know you by your Visa (and you will know them by theirs). Your Visa evolves based on your actions, so choose them wisely — for only the citizens of eluüne with the most distinguished Visas will be recruited to the most distinguished StarGardens. and only the most accomplished StarGarden owners will attract the most accomplished citizens of eluüne.

Phase one: 

  • Early Alpha access – released August 1st
  • Onboarding
  • Missions
  • Collect Soulbound Visa

Phase two:

  • Release unknown
  • Aurah Egg received 

Phase three: 

  • Release unknown
  • Skill Trees

It’s mentioned that there will be many easter eggs planned, and many will be timed events that will not be available again. Anything done through Mission Control before the game’s release will have ramifications for your future in Project Eluüne, so it’s recommended that you start early!

Economy of Project Eluüne

The economy uses multiple different utility tokens (Ingredients), similar to an inventory system you’d see in MMOs. 

The system is set up so that players go from one token to another as the user progresses, allowing it to create a high trade volume and the value of tokens to refresh. The concept of this economy helps growth as new players join and replace the veteran players when they move on. 

Each Guild member is limited to the number of daily tokens they can earn. 

So, for example, a player who plays for 18 hours will not generate more tokens than a player who does the minimum required. 

Also, each team has access to limited tokens; StarGarden doesn’t yield all the types of tokens found in the game. 


Aurah is the currency needed to purchase Creatures to add to their Roster. You can earn them by completing Quest battles. 

Aurah cannot be bought or traded. Aurah rewards will be higher as you level up, allowing you to purchase Creatures with higher Aurah costs. 

Valaans (player-crafted creatures) can be bought from other players without having to unlock them on your StarGarden. 


Ingredients are blockchain tokens that can be traded in the marketplace. There are 120 Ingredients, and as you advance to higher levels, you can access rarer ones and also lose access to the earlier ones. 

You can earn ingredients by standard daily play, and they are limited by the player’s level, your StarGarden level, and the selected StarGarden Domain Path. 

The ingredients are used to craft rare Creatures. Each recipe requires a wide range of tokens, which many players likely will not have access to from their StarGardens, hence where the marketplace comes in, so they can sell the ingredients they do not need and find the ones they do to complete the recipes. 

The recipes used to create the NFT Creatures (Valaans) require higher and lower-level ingredients. The need for both ingredients allows newer players to have a place in the marketplace by selling their lower-level ingredients, while the more veteran players trade the rarer ones. This method allows everyone to be in a different place in the economy and keep it consistent. 

These items are stored in your in-game inventory and wallets and can be traded in the marketplace.


Valaans only make up 20% of the Creatures available in the game, making them rare. They can be crafted with lower and higher ingredients. They are much more complex and rare at higher levels since they can only be crafted by players working together. 

Valaans can be trained, merged, and sold to players.

While Valaans have unique special abilities, they do not lead to a pay-to-win advantage, as they are not overpowered. 

For example, if a player purchased 80 crafted Valaans from other players, their abilities are still limited by their player level and Aurah budget. Since Aurah cannot be traded or purchased, it does not allow you to field a larger or more powerful army.


Training a Valaan requires them to be deployed throughout battles and kept in their Creature roster. Once training is completed, their Valaan can grow more robust, which can only be done with one Valaan at once. 

If the Valaan is removed from the roster before training is completed, it will lose all progress, which can take weeks to months to complete. 


Merging requires three of the same Valaan to create the next higher-level Valaan. 

A Valaan in training cannot be merged until the training is completed. 

How to Earn Money in Project Eluüne

Project Eluüne’s marketplace uses Solana tokens and will allow users to craft, trade, and upgrade ingredients (tokens) and NFTs (Creatures) with other players. 

When selling, there is a 5% commission fee on transactions. 

Deconstructible NFTs

Another aspect is that players will have the ability to construct and deconstruct NFTs. 

For example, if a user won a competition and earned a special badge, they can add it to an existing avatar PFP. The user can later deconstruct it and sell either part. 

Closing Thoughts

Project Eluüne has tremendous depth, and the graphics are mesmerizing. There are unique ways to earn money in Project Eluüne; while it may be limited by reducing the pay-to-win aspect to make it fair and balanced for players, you can trade or sell: 

  • Ingredients (Tokens)
  • Creatures and Valaans (player-crafted Creature NFTs)
  • Deconstruct NFTs (badges, titles, etc.)

With any investment and economic decision, it’s strongly advised to do your research. Crypto and Digital Currency are quite volatile; the more information, education, and tools you have, the more informed judgment you can make for yourself. Read Project Eluüne Whitepaper for additional resources before investing.

Disclaimer: The details provided by MyGuild are for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. The information supplied on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other advice and should not treat the website’s content as such. 


About Project Eluüne

Project Eluüne is a Free2Play and Play&Own team-based RPG auto-chess game. 

As mentioned in StarGarden: A New Game for a New World, Project Eluüne believes that pay-to-win gameplay models have worsened negative interactions with the gaming community. They aim to move far away from the business model in spirit and practice while bringing the community together and working cooperatively to discover the universe’s secrets. 

Website | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Medium

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