How to Earn Money in Undead Blocks

How-to Guide for Earning Money in the Zombie Survivor, First-Person Shooter Game

What are Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks is the world’s first first-person zombie shooter with a kill-to-earn mechanic. Every day, players can utilize Weapon Loadout NFTs to kill zombies and earn crypto.

Undead Blocks places a strong emphasis on engaging and exciting gameplay, borrowing inspiration from Call of Duty’s Zombie Survival Game Mode!

Players can use over 140 different weapons and explosives to fight their way through swarms of zombies. Players fight through easter-egg-filled maps, surviving swarms of difficult Zombies and striving to live as long as possible, using special NFT weapons and $ZBUX, the Undead Blocks reward currency!

Players can earn Gold $ZBUX by participating in daily leaderboards and challenges, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or used to purchase rare and limited-edition in-game items and weapons!

Additionally, players will also earn Standard $ZBUX, which will allow Survivors to level up their weapons and create equity in the assets they possess.

Players will be able to earn around $5 in a couple of hours of zombie-killing, depending on their skill level; additionally, there will be $1,000 up for grabs in daily tournaments.

Currently, there are three game modes to play in Undead Blocks:

  • Solo – Survive as many waves as possible on your own
  • Squads – Round up your friends and play with a party size of 2-4 players and work together to kill zombies
  • Speed Run – Players will have to complete a set number of waves as fast as they can!

All players are given a Pistol and a Combat Knife when they begin the game.

Additional guns and equipment can be found in various locations across the battlefield that the player has unlocked in their Weapon Loadout.

Every kill gives the player XP, with a bonus for headshot zombie kills.

The weapons in the Loadout can be obtained through XP earned during the fight, allowing the player to fully utilize all of their assets!

XP can be used in-game to obtain:

  • Weapons – if the player has the weapon included in their Weapon Loadout, the weapon will be available on the map to obtain with XP.
  • Grenades – Molotov Cocktails and Grenades are both available to obtain with XP if the player has them included in their Weapon Loadout.
  • Perks – Macho Dew, Dr. Helper, Reload Rootbeer, and Diet Sprint vending machines are placed in various locations on the map for the player to obtain a can of each to drink and gain the perk if they have that perk in their Weapon Loadout.
  • Doors – New areas on the map can be unlocked with XP to find new equipment or good spots to set up and kill.

How to Earn Money in Undead Blocks

Here are several ways to earn money by playing Undead Blocks:

  • Placing high on the leaderboards and earning ZBUX
  • Completing achievements in Undead Blocks to earn ZBUX
  • Staking $UNDEAD for Yield Rewards and Minting Weapons
  • Use the Arms Dealer Market to rent weapon NFTs to other players 

Tokenomics of Undead Blocks

Currently, there are two tokens in Undead Blocks. There is Zombie Bux ($ZBUX) and $UNDEAD Tokens. 

$ZBUX is further divided into two types: Gold $ZBUX and Standard $ZBUX. These are both earned in-game for completing achievements and placing high on the leaderboards.

$UNDEAD Tokens must be purchased through a DEX/CEX website. You can stake your $UNDEAD Tokens to earn passive income and unlock new Weapon Loadouts with Undead Block’s Stake2Mint program.

How to Earn $ZBUX by Placing on the Leaderboards & Completing Achievements

$ZBUX token is the game’s main reward token. In Undead Blocks, earning through gaming activities is purely dependent on the wins and performances in each game mode.

A group of players who have several high-performing rounds will receive more $ZBUX than a group of players who have medium or low-performance rounds.

There are two $ZBUX currencies available right now: Gold $ZBUX and Standard $ZBUX.

Gold $ZBUX Breakdown

  • Earned through ranking on daily leaderboards (thousands of winners each day) and by completing achievements
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Can be purchased on the Wagyu Games website
  • Cannot be spent to upgrade weapons, significantly reducing “pay to win”

Undead Blocks will offer Gold $ZBUX to every Armed Survivor who participates in the daily leaderboard challenges, as well as weekly and monthly achievements, once the entire game is released (Open Beta is available; full game slated for Q3 2022).

*Gold $ZBUX is a stable in-game reward currency worth $0.10 that can be redeemed on the Wagyu Games website for your preferred cryptocurrency.

Standard $ZBUX Breakdown

  • Earned by slaying each wave of zombies
  • Standard $ZBUX earnings are uncapped
  • Upgrade weapon stats in weapon loadout (damage, accuracy, fire rate, ammo capacity, etc.)
  • Purchase new weapons for weapon loadout

Standard $ZBUX will be used to raise the value of a player’s weapon loadout.

Allowing players to update their guns and add new weapons to their loadout allows them the chance to increase their earnings through better equipment.

*The amount of $ZBUX that Standard $ZBUX players can earn is unlimited.

Gold & Standard $ZBUX Utility 

How to Earn Money with Stake2Mint (Staking $UNDEAD and Earning Weapon Upgrades)

Stake2Mint is Undead Block’s unique staking program that allows the user to earn rewards and obtain new Weapon Loadouts. Staking ensures the integrity and long-term health of the blockchain by relying on its users to fulfill transactions. 

Stake2Mint is when a user leaves their $UNDEAD tokens unattended for a specified period.

Rewards will increase over time (depending on how long the user has been staking), allowing the user to acquire more $ZBUX tokens and Weapon Upgrades.

$UNDEAD Token Breakdown

  • Traded on DEX and CEX, on-chain
    • Stake2Mint Program Use Cases
      • Following the launch of the token, a $UNDEAD token can be staked for 6, 9, or 12 months to earn % APY returns, which are rewarded in another $UNDEAD token at the end of the staking period.
      • A free Weapon Loadout will be created immediately upon staking a set minimum number of $UNDEAD tokens in one of the staking pools and will be added to the staker’s wallet for immediate use.
    • Limited Availability Purchases made in-game
      • Only $UNDEAD tokens will be accepted for limited edition in-game items. Governance Undead Blocks will use a raw voting system with weights dependent on $UNDEAD holdings. $UNDEAD holders will be able to vote on issues.

Staking $UNDEAD will not only earn them APY, but they will also be able to mint a Weapon Loadout for free once the token is locked, which they can use right away within the Undead Blocks ecosystem.

The investor owns the Weapon Loadout once it has been minted, and they can play, lend, or sell it.

When you select how much $UNDEAD to stake, depending on the amount, you’ll earn one of these three weapon loadouts:

  • Rookie Loadout – 1,500 $UNDEAD Min. Stake (Knife, Pistol, Pump Shotgun) 
  • Commander Loadout – 2,000 $UNDEAD Min. Stake (Knife, Pistol, Baseball bat, M1A Semi-Auto Rifle)
  • Veteran Loadout – 2,500 $UNDEAD Min. Stake (Knife, Pistol, Battle Axe, AKM Assault Rifle, RPG, 1 Random Perk)

Note: Stakers can mint as many weapon loadouts as they wish for the Stake2Mint program. 

How to Stake $UNDEAD Tokens

  1. Obtain $UNDEAD Tokens and stake the required number of tokens in your preferred staking pool.
  2. Immediately after staking lock, get a Weapon Loadout for free.
  3. Become an Arms Dealer (renting the Weapon Loadout to a player) or play with your new Loadout.
  4. From your rented Loadout NFTs, you can earn Gold $ZBUX daily.
  5. Upgrade your Weapon Loadout with Standard $ZBUX to increase the NFT’s worth.
  6. Receive the $UNDEAD payouts plus the initial quantity of tokens staked at the end of the staking period.
  7. You can either claim the benefits and the initial quantity of tokens you staked after the staking period and cash them out through a DEX or CEX, or you can restake them to earn more rewards and passive revenue.

How to Earn Money with Undead Blocks Scholarships

Managers will be able to buy in-game assets and rent them to Scholars to enjoy a portion of the prizes obtained in Undead Blocks.

This is a classic Manager-Scholar connection similar to what we see in other Blockchain Games.

However, Undead Blocks plans to release a unique feature called “Arms Dealer.”

Undead Block’s Arms Dealer Program

Passive Income for Arms Dealers

Gaming Guilds and P2E investors wishing to earn passive revenue by renting their Weapon Loadouts to Scholars will find Undead Blocks to be a unique value proposition.

Owners of Weapon Loadouts can put their gas-less Weapon Loadouts for rent on the Undead Blocks marketplace to earn Gold and Standard $ZBUX through the Undead Blocks Arms Dealer Program.

The player and the Arms Dealer will divide the Gold $ZBUX earned during this period, while the Arms Dealer receives 100% of the Standard ZBUX acquired.

Activation codes will be used to start rental contracts, which will be customized to satisfy the needs of both the Arms Dealer and the player.

Rental Logistics: Arms Dealers
  1. Obtain an Undead Blocks Weapon Loadout via Stake2Mint or on the secondary market
  2. List your Weapon Loadout NFTs for rent on the Undead Blocks Marketplace
    • Set the lease agreement period and % Gold $ZBUX split
  3. Track scholar progress live on the daily leaderboards
  4. Receive Gold $ZBUX and Standard $ZBUX from Scholars
    • A summary email will be sent with Scholar analytics at the end of each day, including play time, earnings, and other performance metrics

Closing Thoughts

There are many ways that someone can earn money in Undead Blocks. There’s a natural economy that you can take advantage of with this game. You can:

  • Play the game and earn Gold $ZBUX and Standard $ZBUX through achievements
  • You can earn Gold $ZBUX and Standard $ZBUX by placing in the Top Leaderboards during daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments
  • Purchase $UNDEAD from a DEX/CEX and Stake them; earning additional Weapons and passive income
  • Create a Scholarship Program where you purchase Weapon NFTs and rent them to Scholars for a split share of the rewards
  • Become an “Arms Dealer” (when available) and rent your Weapons through Undead Block’s site

With any investment and financial decision, you must do your research. Crypto and Digital Currency are incredibly volatile; the more information, education, and tools you have at your disposal, the better decisions you can make for a brighter future. Read Undead Block’s White Paper and other resources before any investments.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. The information provided by MyGuild is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice.


About Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is a play-to-earn multiplayer FPS zombie survival crypto game. Players can fight their way through hordes of zombies using special NFT weapons and earn ZBUX, the Undead Blocks in-game reward currency, as they progress through easter-egg-filled maps. Undead Blocks puts over 140 unique weapons and explosives at the disposal of gamers.

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