Gaming Giant Netmarble F&C INC. Acquires GamerSpeak To Strengthen User Insights and Engagement

November 9, 2021

San Luis Obispo, CA; Seoul, South Korea – October 27, 2021: Netmarble F&C INC. has acquired GamerSpeak, a California-based startup, and signals a strong move toward gaming community development and user engagement strategies.

The Seoul-based company that developed the wildly successful game, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, says the acquisition will let the company “continue its global expansion by strengthening our offerings for the gaming community, esports, and influencers.”

“We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Netmarble on various game titles (Lineage 2: Revolution, Iron Throne: The Firstborn, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross). GamerSpeak and Netmarble F&C have collaborated very closely for the last five years to ensure that their games are an amazing experience to their gaming communities in North America.

– Chad Kihm, CEO GamerSpeak

“GamerSpeak has made many innovations in the gaming industry. So we are happy to strengthen our bond and excited to continue the wonderful journey with GamerSpeak. 

– Woo Won, CEO of Netmarble F&C

Founded in 2015, GamerSpeak delivers actionable insights and recommendations from superusers to gaming companies. 

The acquisition will make GamerSpeak’s services even more accessible to other game developers. In collaboration with Netmarble F&C and other developers, they are working on several games in beta scheduled for release in Q1 of 2022.

GamerSpeak increases revenue and retention up to 30% in six months or less for gaming publishers and developers by providing insightful sentiment reports, urgent bug reporting, community marketing efforts, informational videos, building and moderating game communities, and detailed strategy guides.

Chad Kihm

CEO, Co-Founder GamerSpeak

[[email protected]]

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