Our Process.

GamerSpeak creates and manages highly engaging communities that result in increased retention and spend.

How do we do this?

Phase 1


Week 1
During the pre-launch phase, we will talk with your team to understand the goals of your marketing and official community teams, and create a rough plan of how we will work together to achieve those goals.

At the same time, we will select an appropriate domain name and mockup web designs for approval.

Phase 2


Weeks 1-2
In tandem with the pre-launch phase, we will create a content schedule for 2 months. This content includes community events, game web tools, and long form game guides that considers the most important systems the publisher wants to bring attention to — typically, the components that are unique to their game and essential for player success.

Phase 3


Weeks 2-3
Nearing the completion of the pre-launch phase, we actively recruit VIP players as content creators, marketers and feedback providers. This process includes vetting writers for specific
categories: defensive strategy, offensive strategy, leveling, PvE, PvP, game releases and updates, community event strategy, player interviews, and more.

Phase 4

Reporting and Marketing

Weeks 3-4
Within the first month, GamerSpeak is able to report valuable sentiment for publishers. This report provides player feedback and concerns on gameplay, new features, and new events. GamerSpeak also suggests data-driven recommendations on how to adjust game design and monetization.

Additionally, GamerSpeak begins marketing content and events across social media accounts, mailing lists, and chat rooms associated with the community. These campaigns are highly targeted and integrated, often dovetailing with the publisher’s marketing goals. They help to increase social awareness and reach, drive engagement, and improve marketing KPIs for the publisher.

Phase 5

Repeat Phases 2-4

With time, the community grows stronger and larger, and sentiment becomes much more valuable. A game’s success is ongoing, and we ensure a fruitful life cycle for years to come.

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