Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile game based on the hugely successful Final Fantasy franchise. The game launched on June 28th, 2017 globally and immediately hit #1 in many countries across the world. 

The game reached a peak of $1M of daily revenue in November 2017 with 42% of players spending.

Launched: September 2017
Game: Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Working with Chad and his team at GamerSpeak has been nothing short of fantastic. While I was the Lead Designer on Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (a once consistently Top 50 grossing app in the US iOS App Store), I counted on Chad's team to supply me with valuable feedback about our players' overall sentiment, and more importantly, a window into the minds of our most active, highest paying players.

Using this feedback and data helped my team deliver more relevant and desirable content to our players, ultimately helping us monetize and retain our players more effectively. This is especially valuable and important on a project such has FFXVANE, where you must pour nearly a hundred hours each week -- not to mention hundreds of dollars each month -- in order to have a firm grasp on the state of game through a player's perspective.

Aside from the invaluable feedback support, communication with Chad was an absolute pleasure. Chad and his team are professional, responsive, direct, polite, and were always eager to find ways to better help communicate. I can't recommend Chad's services enough, especially on a huge game where keeping track of a community is a full-time job for multiple people. Should I have the pleasure of working with Chad again in the future, I would be thrilled!

Paul Flores

Former Senior Game Designer, MZ


Machine Zone came to GamerSpeak two months before they were going to launch their next MASSIVE title, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (FF). Due to the huge successes of Game of War (GOW) and Mobile Strike (MS), they secured one of the most valuable IPs of all time. 

One of the lessons we learned working with MZ for two years prior was that even though two game genres are the same, the audiences can be vastly different, and want different things. We saw this with GOW and MS, which were both very similar. Therefore, Machine Zone wanted to make sure they had a deep understanding of the wants, desires, and needs of the new player base for FF.  

Furthermore, it’s difficult for influencers to create socially engaging content for 4x games. MZ didn’t want to leave their community to chance.


GamerSpeak created long-form, in-depth, and high-quality strategy guides for MZ using a professionally customized WordPress site.

The key objectives for the content in priority order were:

  1. Deliver accurate and filtered general sentiment from the community to all departments at MZ
  2. Recommend specific improvements to existing gameplay
  3. Assist the MZ team to proactively avoid negative sentiment by vetting new features before launch
  4. Content covering general info on ALL the components of the game: all heroes, troops, gameplay styles, buildings, PVP, PvE, equipment, etc.
  5. Keep content production on pace with the 15 new features released each month.
  6. Accurately teach players the value and effect of new content


In five weeks, GamerSpeak launched a custom community website with 16 beginner to intermediate level strategy guides for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Within three months, the website generated 800 unique users/day, within six months it generated 2,700 users/day and peaked a year after launch with 4,000 users/day. This was achieved with purely organic SEO the player base sharing the content with each other. After three years, the guides have organically accumulated 5.2MM page views.

Additionally, GamerSpeak built up a massive Line room with 500 superuser players looking to improve their game by using the latest strategies and new features. Many of those 500 were VIP players spending over $2,000/mo. At the time of this case study, we have three  Line rooms maxed with 1,500 daily active users.  

From the authentic conversation in those rooms, GamerSpeak’s team of Gamefluencers (top players in the game who help us run the community) take detailed notes of player sentiment. They often promote deep conversations on certain topics to provide maximum fidelity to the developer and to uncover actionable recommendations the developers can use to make future improvements. At the time of this case study, an average of 27 recommendations is implemented per month in FFXV:ANE. This is a lot more than most games because MZ runs its games at a very aggressive pace. 

2020 Stats (as of August)

Suggestions Implemented

Urgent Bugs Reported


Professional guides that cover important aspects of a game, rapid delivery of authentic player feedback and bugs, and a community that is ready for new players are crucial parts of a successful launch. Having these services in place for “Final Fantasy: XV A New Empire” not only ensured a strong foundation for the game’s community but resulted in massive website visits and community engagement.

If you have a mobile, PC, or console game that is in development we can provide the same services that will help your game launch successfully. Grab some time on our calendar below and let’s talk!


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