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In its first six months, the Hub has received a total of 1.2M page views, 155K users, and 464K sessions. It is the #1 trusted source of information for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. (The Hub) is the premier community site for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The community launched in September 2017, and includes a website, social media channels, Reddit, Discord, and in-game chat rooms. 


Our content performs better within player communities than content from official sources – and the numbers show it.


The Final Fantasy name brings with it its own vibrant community – and to it, we added lovers of mobile games and multiplayer.


We made the #1 trusted source for FFXV:ANE content.

Thanks to the close, active relationship between our community managers and the community, every time the Hub releases a new piece of content, it quickly becomes the #1 trending topic in the Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire community. Our content performs so well not just due to the fact that provide up-to-date guides for each new content release, written by expert players, but because we write guides that users specifically request. We respond to site feedback and suggestions, and implement them quickly to keep our users happy. The player tools we develop help improve ease of play and quality of life for our users, who incorporate these tools into their daily gameplay and rely on them make important strategic decisions.

Our community managers are some of the game’s biggest VIP Influencers, and are also incredibly well-known. They are able to effect the largest amounts of change within the community, as well as drive the most engagement and spending. Oftentimes, when a new IAP is released, players look to our community managers to ask for their advice on whether or not to purchase a pack. Based on community managers’ recommendations, players then make their purchase decisions. Our community managers are able to achieve all of this because of their position as fellow top players of the game — because players trust other players.

Community managers play another very important role: they are able to collect accurate, authentic player sentiments and report those sentiments back to the publisher. Any time there is a major bug or issue, our community managers quickly diagnose and report the problem, and see that it is addressed. For mobile strategy games such as Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, which have timed events that happen in real time and require immediate solutions when a bug occurs, the 24/7 bug escalation we provide is critical to the success or failure of many events and new releases for the game.

Additionally, our ability to collect player suggestions and feedback has helped the publisher determine better ways to engage the players, and develop updates that players want, which improve retention, engagement, and spend. In this way, the community has helped to improve the game, which in turn attracts new blood to the community and gives players reasons to stay. The symbiotic relationship of the game and its community strengthen each other. This is our philosophy.

The Stats

Since our launch, has seen increases of 326.96% for users, 412.39% for sessions, and 353.95% in page views. On a month-to-month basis, the site receives an average of 41K users, of which 71% are new users, which grows at an average rate of 27.37%. Between September 2017 and March 2018, the Hub has received a total of 1.2M page views, 155K users, and 464K sessions.

Our Discord, which launched in January 2018, serves over 2,000 users, while our in-game network of chat rooms serve over 5,000 users on a daily basis. Our newsletter has 1,818 subscribers.

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