Since 2014, GamerSpeak has continuously updated the most trusted site in the Game of War Community.

Game of War

With Real Tips, players keep pace with the release schedule of one of the oldest and most successful mobile games in the marketplace.


The size of our community reflects its age: we’ve been serving the community tirelessly for four years.


Our top-notch content keeps people coming back, looking to maximize their strategy, defend their alliances, and defeat their foes.


We help players navigate game changes and mechanics shifts in order to keep up with a robust release schedule.

The first community GamerSpeak ever built is, a site we built to develop guides and strategies for a wildly popular game with a deep strategy. Since then, (RealTips) has become the leading, most trusted site in the Game of War community. RealTips has been at the forefront of content for the game since 2014 , developing the best strategy guides, player tools, and community events to keep players engaged and invested in the game.

Due to Game of War’s accelerated release schedule that results in game mechanics that change from week to week, players rely on RealTips to learn the best ways to play the game, and to understand game changes.

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