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Since our launch in December 2017,’s strong, compelling content has quickly positioned us as the undisputed #1 trusted source in the Lineage 2: Revolution community.

Our character guides, in particular, are highly sought after by players worldwide. is a truly global community with our content being translated into 13 different languages.

Launched: Dec’ 2017
Game: Lineage 2: Revolution

Every time releases a piece of compelling, new content, it receives over 2,000 views in 48 hours.

100% of our traffic was organic — none was through paid acquisition.

Our highly optimized Discord bots and tools make it convenient for players to find content.

Most importantly, along with the launch of the site, our team of VIP Influencers would be sustaining and engaging the VIP community on Discord and Reddit. Although we did not create the Lineage 2: Revolution subreddit, our PlayL2R account, staffed by VIP Influencers, is an active resource for the Reddit community and directs players to useful content on the community when applicable.

The Stats

Between December 2017 to December 2018 PlayL2R has received 3.3M Page Views, 433K Users, and 1.35M Sessions. On a month-to-month basis, the site receives an average of 26K users, of which 72% are new users.  Our newsletter has 1,891 subscribers and our Discord has 2,752 members.

As of Dec’ 2018

Page Views

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