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Since our launch, PlayL2R.com’s strong, compelling content has quickly positioned us as the undisputed #1 trusted source in the Lineage 2: Revolution community. 

Our character guides, in particular, are highly sought after by players worldwide, and our articles are shared across social media and in chat rooms.

Every time PlayL2R.com releases a piece of compelling, new content, it quickly becomes the top trending conversation topic in the L2R community, who continue to ask us for more content each week. How did we achieve this success, you ask?


Players trust PlayL2R – and they come back again and again.


Our reach is robust and growing.


Our user-built, highly optimized Discord bots and tools are prized by the community.

Our Story

When we began services for PlayL2R.com, we knew we would have just a short amount of time to transform the site into the number one resource for the Lineage 2: Revolution player community. PlayL2R.com was to launch concurrently with the release of Lineage 2: Revolution, giving us the task of shaping, guiding, and building the community of players that would flock to the game’s new release.

Our strategy was threefold

Community Website

We would create a website that was functional, responsive across platforms, easy to use and navigate, and beautiful. This would be done by our superior professional web development and asset design team.

Content Creation

We would populate that website with exceptional, top-of-the-line content. This content would not only take the form of written materials like blogs, articles, and character guides to inform and spark discussion, we would also populate the site with useful player tools that drive traffic to the site again and again. These tools would become important resources for the metagame that players would use repeatedly when developing play strategies, thus bringing back even veteran players who might otherwise have read and internalized the written informative content of the site.

VIP Influence & Engagement

Most importantly, along with the launch of the site, our team of VIP Influencers would be sustaining and engaging the community on platforms such as Discord and Reddit, and on social channels wherever Lineage 2 players were found. Although we did not create the Lineage 2: Revolution subreddit, our PlayL2R account, staffed by VIP Influencers, moderates the channel and is an important resource for the Reddit community.

The Stats

Since January 1, 2018, PlayL2R.coms site traffic has been steadily growing at a rate of 198.74%, and our newsletter has 1,821 subscribers. The site grew significantly from launch, and January saw a growth of 62.82% users, 100.23% sessions, and 98.36% page views. Between January and February 2018, page views increased by 24.32%, users grew by 26.03%, and sessions increased by 15.87%.

Through the middle of March 2018, we grew a staggering 85.62% users, of which 92.48% are new. Our page views were up 71.97% and our sessions were up 75.98%. Notably, we reached 28,384 users in the first 17 days of March, compared to 28,668 in the entire month of February.

As of April 2018, our site stats look a little something like this




What makes us unique

The GamerSpeak Touch

As we grow the Lineage 2 community, we have continued to update the site with content and resources, keeping pace with the game. We recently debuted our second player tool for the PlayL2R community: the PlayL2R Discord bot. The bot is designed to aid party-matching to assist teams in deciding which cores to farm, as well as tracking progression and searching PlayL2R.com articles for related information.

Within the first 12 hours of its debut, the bot had over 2,270 users, and had been put in use across 35 servers and 780 channels. Our first player tool was the Rare Combine Tool, which as of mid-March 2018 had 2,944 submissions and 2,099 user views since its release on the site. We have built powerful, popular user tools for PlayL2R and Summoners War, and we can build them for you as well.

One of the biggest reasons why PlayL2R.com has been able to develop such accurate, helpful content for players, including character guides, is because we collaborate directly with top whale players on creating character guides and other tools. We interview the whales, ask them for their advice on their character builds and playstyle, and incorporate their suggestions into our articles. We make sure to give them credit and recognition, which whales always love. Our guides have performed so well because our information comes from the best players, and the whales we collaborate with feel recognized and privileged to have been part of the collaboration. This increases their positive sentiments towards the game, and overall whale retention.

In short: we made PlayL2R as successful as it is by creating valuable content for players, engaging them on the sites and communities where they live, designing an appealing and invaluable website that players return to again and again, and approaching top players to stay informed and monitor the sentiment of the community.

Localization was a huge success

Lineage 2 Revolution was the first community we brought localization to. Before launching the game in Brazil, we translated the top 30 trafficked articles in portuguese. Two weeks after the launch in Brazil, 20% of all traffic (around 20,000 users per month) were reading our portuguese content. The same thing happened with Indonesia as well.

A key success factor was localizing the content for new regions before launching the game in the region.

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