The #1 site on the internet for Summoners War content, period. is the #1 search result on Google for “Summoners War,” above even the Android and iOS stores.

Summoners War

Find out how we created the largest mobile gaming community website.

After building our Game of War community, we were eager to exceed our previous success. We wanted to be the leading independent community builder, and the next community we built was the Summoners War community.

Founded in 2015, is a community website for Summoners War players that focuses on bringing valued, quality content to both new and existing players of the game.

We took the site from 100K users to 340K users in six months — and now it’s the second largest mobile gaming community website on the internet. How do we know? We built its closest contenders.


An enormous userbase that rates our content, showing us what they want to see.


A community that helps new players get up to speed quickly, and content that helps them do that.


The most up-to-date Summoners War content possible – to better serve the community.

With the site’s huge focus on community participation, we offer community monster ratings, a very large discord, guides and more, so that there will always be an active group of people to guide newer players through the game. All users can rate and give their own assessment on our guides, creating a feedback loop that ensures the community will be provided with the content that it needs the most. We provide ratings and monster reviews that help players make crucial decisions concerning PvP, viability, countering, team placement, and other considerations.

Most importantly, we keep up to date with the latest Summoners War updates and meta changes to best serve the community with accurate guides, ratings, and content. The in-depth guides made by our dedicated content writers are unique to our site, and a backbone of the Summoners War community..

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Our Discord channel has 1,735 members with 200+ active at any given time. We are the lead moderators for the r/summonerswar Reddit, we post new guides to over 50K subscribers.

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