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Content Creation

The spectrum of content development and marketing covers a vast array. With an extensive, knowledgeable team of creators and communicators, GamerSpeak disseminates your messaging through every word we share.

Players seek our communities out because they know they can trust what we share. From player guides to social notifications, our team effectively bridges the gap between publishers and players through innovative communication where your players congregate.

Our team includes VIP influencers, well-respected in their gaming communities, developing articles and guides that are accurate, well-written and easy-to-follow.

But we also employ a workforce of search engine optimizers and content localizers. We take content and assure that not only is it found, but it’s found by the right people.  Spanish speakers can find guides in their language, and not a poorly-translated general page. Need video support? We do that too – from idea to implementation.

Players are intrinsically loyal. If they get their info from Reddit, that’s where they go. If they prefer a specific site, they bookmark it and frequent it. Make sure that your messaging is what they find – and what they like.

Let us write you a story worth reading.

Player Tool Development

Player Tools significantly help new players by speeding up their learning curve, and pave a way for them to catch up to other seasoned players. They are also helpful for the majority of players, even end-game, as many tools we plan to develop have wider uses, and have also been requested by players across all our community channels.

Player Tools are also a critical component to getting players back on the website every day, thus increasing DAUs on the site. If only guides were offered on the site, players are only incentivized to visit the site on days we have new guides, thus reducing the amount of overall traffic.

Work with GamerSpeak today to develop player tools for the community that will help players better understand the game and greatly improve their quality of life.

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