Urgent Bug Reporting

Verified urgent bug reporting delivered directly to your inbox with reproducible steps and screenshots.

Fast (like, really fast) Bug Reporting

GamerSpeak team members play your game every day and verify any bugs that they discover while playing or that appear in the community.

Intelligent Bug Reporting

Our reports include reproducible steps for your dev team to follow, oftentimes with screenshots. If more information is needed, developers can communicate directly with our team via slack or email.

2020 Stats

Bugs Reported (in Q1 and Q2 2020)

You guys get us important bugs 3 days faster than customer support.
Enrico Tombari

Senior Game Designer, MZ

GamerSpeak’s ability to understand the needs of our players and provide actionable insight has allowed me and my team to be proactive in addressing the needs of the community. This has been extremely important in preserving the positive perception the players have of 4PLAT.
Jaeho Kang


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