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Events bring people together and reinforce a sense of community. They give players something to look forward to and demonstrate to outsiders how much fun they could be having if they were insiders. An active and engaged community is crucial to the financial and critical success of a game. Higher community engagement results in higher game engagement, which helps to generate revenue and increase player retention.

By activating a game’s community via community events, we are able to keep players engaged even when they are not logged in.  Community events expand the limits of your game’s universe, turning your game from a digital-only experience into a lifestyle. Players are able to make lasting and exciting memories at events where they can meet fellow players they previously only knew in digital form. All of this contributes to a game that players can inhabit both on and offline.

GamerSpeak’ team of experienced event managers have produced events nationwide in venues both large and small.  Activate your players through memorable, exciting events that will leave players talking for ages to come.

Online Event Management

Different social media platforms are suited to different types of events. GamerSpeak generates interesting and engaging online events tailored to the social platforms and communities they target – from trivia contests and follower count giveaways, to polls and in-game contests, to encouraging players to show off their premium content and builds.

Not only do these online events give players a way to demonstrate their commitment to and love of their games, whether by showcasing their knowledge or bragging about their limited-edition swag – they also trickle through social media to potential players seeing the game (and a vibrant, fun community) for the first time. Get your game trending.


In addition to a huge variety of online events, GamerSpeak can also arrange meetups in real life for players to come and get to know the people behind the usernames. Meetups designated for whales become an exciting “who’s-who” of influential players in the game – a great place for whales to meet other whales and eat, drink, and socialize.

Gaming Showcases and Launch Parties




Our team of experienced event producers can help you plan, produce, and manage gaming showcases and launch parties, both large and small. Let us help you select and book a venue, put together a production team, hire any outside entertainment, handle all logistics, and produce an event that will have everyone talking about your game.

Generate excitement and increase your game’s visibility with high-profile events; encourage community bonding and spend with more intimate, community-focused events that make your players feel great about their investment in your game.

Whale and Player Engagement Events

Interested in planning a one-off engagement event or even a nationwide concert tour? GamerSpeak has the expertise and experience to help you activate whales and players alike through exciting events both large and small.

Whether you want to plan an afterparty at a convention with celebrities in attendance to excite and engage your players, or would like to offer an intimate dinner party with whales and developers, GamerSpeak can help you produce your next event.

Our team has produced parties at the hottest clubs throughout North America, as well as overseen sold-out nationwide concert tours for A-list artists in renowned music venues and arenas.

We are uniquely positioned to provide you with experts who not only understand your community, but also know how to produce the best events for your players that will leave them talking for months to come.

eSports Events

Work with GamerSpeak to plan and produce your next eSports event!

We will provide you with a team that can handle event planning, production, logistics, and management. We offer the following services:

Venue Booking

Event Management

Event Production and Logistics

Event Marketing Consulting

Event Ticketing and Sales Consulting

Audio and Visual Rental and Setup

Talent Buying / Celebrity Booking

Sponsorship Deck Consulting and Development

Event Hiring and Staffing

Production Assistants, Ushers, etc.

Specialists: Video Directors, Front of House Engineers, Monitor Engineers, Lighting Directors and Technicians, Creative Directors, Production Managers, Stage Managers, Backline Technicians, etc.

Hospitality Management

Flight and Hotel Booking

Transportation Management

Rider Fulfillment

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